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On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress, HMD Global delivered neatly and presented four smartphones and a mobile phone. The Nokia 9 PureView is undoubtedly the highlight of the novelties, especially in terms of photography, because it has five main cameras to offer. Here's our full test of the smartphone, where the camera plays a big role.

Nokia 9 PureView: Price and availability

The Nokia 9 PureView costs 649 euros in the EIA of the manufacturer HMD Global and is at the price of Nokia itself and various online retailers. During the first three months after the purchase, you will also receive a free screen exchange. The above price applies to the dual SIM variant. However, the model we tested only holds a SIM.

Nokia 9 PureView: Design and workmanship

HMD Global has already proven that it can produce a solid, well-processed smartphone in the mid-price segment. Accordingly, the build quality of the flagship is also excellent. It feels slightly edgier in your hand than a Galaxy S10 (for testing) and the sides on the back are bent towards the frame, but on the front it stays flat. It feels better in all respects than the Nokia 8 Sirocco (for testing).


As far as design decisions are concerned, most of today's most important features are present. Unfortunately, however, HMD Global has also decided to remove the 3.5-millimeter link line, but an adapter on USB-C is included in the box. To protect the device from water and dust, it has IP67 certification.

What's the good thing about the Nokia 9 PureView design?

The camera layout on the back might not please everyone, but I love how HMD Global managed to get all the modules flush with the glass. Only the edges of the LED flash can be felt when you drive your finger over the lenses.

What's bad about the design of the Nokia 9 PureView?

There are those who will complain that there is Nokia branding on both the front and back. I don't really mind, and I'd rather have a Nokia logo here than a little more display, that then comes with a notch, which I find even more annoying.


Hard to ignore, however, is how slippery the smartphone is. It wanders around on every surface that has such a small inclination. The first time I put the Nokia 9 PureView on my desk, it landed on my notepad. However, there were also three business cards between two sides, seemingly making for enough tilt to let the smartphone slowly slip off, which I luckily noticed just before slipping off the table edge. This may not be a deal breaker, but you always have to be aware of the risk of putting the phone down somewhere.

Gimmick-free 2K display

The contents of the Nokia 9 PureView are displayed on a 5.99-inch POLED display with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 pixels in the 18:9 format. The HDR10 supports vivid colors and sharp details, and also houses the fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the screen in the bottom half. Alternatively, you can unlock the Nokia 9 via Face Unlock (2D). HMD Global dispenses with the Notch.


The Nokia 9 PureView is made of aluminum and glass and weighs 155 x 75 x 8 mm thick and weighs 172 grams. Needless to say, the back is a fingerprint magnet!

What's good about the Nokia 9 PureView display?

T he 2K resolution is more than pleasant and I really appreciate the settings menu for the Nokia's PureDisplay. Here you can choose between Vivid, Cinema, Basic or Dynamic-the colour, contrast and brightness are automatically adapted to your needs. While this is not a unique feature of the 9 PureView, it works just as well on this device as it does on the Nokia 8.1.

What's bad about the Nokia 9 PureView display?

The only real criticism I could make of this display is that it's not an AMOLED panel from Samsung. But this makes it more than 200 euros cheaper than the cheapest Galaxy S10 and a large part of the smartphone users will also be absolutely satisfied with the panel installed by Nokia. Another point is that the automatic brightness adjustment is a little  "too relaxed ." She tends to leave the screen a little too dark, rather than making something brighter at the required moment.

What we expected from Android One

The Nokia 9 PureView is an Android One smartphone. This means it comes with pure Android 9 Pie without bloatware or duplicate apps. You'll also get a two-year warranty on fast updates to large Android versions, such as Android Q, and three years of security updates.

The Snapdragon 845 is still doing its job well

The smartphone is powered not by the latest Qualcomm processor, but its predecessor Snapdragon 845. It is still able to provide enough power with the associated 6 GByte LPPDDR4x RAM and 128 GByte UFS 2.1 storage. But for five pictures at a time? For this, HMD Global has decided to put its own image coprocessor between the camera and the Qualcomm chip, which takes over many of the calculations.


The Nokia 9 PureView comes on the market with a price tag of 649 euros, costing more than, for example, the Xiaomi Mi 9, and for that price you can expect the latest Snapdragon 855.

What's good about the performance of the Nokia 9 PureView?

Despite the fact that HMD Global has opted for a Snapdragon 845 instead of the latest 855, the Nokia 9 PureView is able to handle everyday tasks without any problems. I'm not a smartphone gamer, but the benchmarks for the device are very impressive.

What's bad about the performance of the Nokia 9 PureView?

Unfortunately, we need to talk again about the fingerprint sensors in the display. And that's not really a problem of the Nokia 9 PureView, but a more common one: In display fingerprint sensors just aren't ready yet. We saw it on the OnePlus 6T, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S10, and also on the new Nokia phone I'm struggling now.


I have to press strong in places, really strong, to have any chance of my fingerprint being recognised. In seven out of 10 cases it worked well, but with the other three ales I almost went crazy. Given the frequency with which we unlock our smartphones, 70% accuracy is not good enough.


You can also use 2D facial recognition if you want, but it's not so safe. But whatever you do doesn't activate both at the same time! After all, I encountered many problems in this regard. So the Nokia 9 PureView continued to try to scan my fingerprint, even though I was already unlocking the phone across my face.

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