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Nubia Red Magic e-Sports new smartphone released: coming with Snapdragon 845 processor and over 360,000 benchmark points

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-19 1754

Recently, news from the Master Lu Data Center reveals that the benchmark of a new model "NX619J" reaches up to 361,730 points, which far exceeds the average score of 300,000 points on the ordinary Snapdragon 845 flagship smartphones. This new phone is initially estimated to be the Nubia Red Magic 2nd generation.

Nubia Red Magic e-Sports smartphone


Nubia Red Magic 6.0 inch 4G Phablet English and Chinese Version - BLACK

Nubia Red Magic 6.0 inch 4G Phablet English and Chinese Version - BLACK
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According to the detailed data, the Nubia Red Magic e-Sports smartphone is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB memory. It comes with 18: 9 aspect ratio,and the screen resolution is 2160×1080 pixels.The comprehensive running score reaches 361730, in which the total score of CPU is 123629, GPU 154969, memory performance 40497, storage performance 42635, enough to be competent for any large mobile game.

the screen of Nubia Red Magic e-Sports smartphone 

It is worth noting that Ni Fei, the general manager of Nubia smartphone, forwarded the microblog today and said, "361730! Only repeated challenges can make it fully explode!" This confirms that the device is the upcoming 2nd generation of Nubia Red Devil Competition Mobile Phone.However, according to Ni Fei's microblog, shows that the device like the previously released Black Shark game phone Helo, does not continue the naming of the previous generation model. Instead,it uses the new name "Red Devil Mars e-Sports Mobile Phone".

According to the previous exposure, the new device still uses diamond as the main design language, including diamond flash, diamond camera, diamond post fingerprint identification module and so on. It adopts the air cooling + surface double cooling system. And it has a 3D sound effect and a 4D tremble effect.

the diamond design of Nubia Red Magic e-Sports new smartphone 

The specific release time has not been announed. But the crowdfunding has been kicked off on


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