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Nubia Red Magic Mars will be officially released on November 28 in Shanghai

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-21 1054

Nubia just released its annual flagship dual display smartphone, Nubia X, last month. Its creative design gains a wide favor among consumers, making it one of the most popular smartphones in November.

the press conference on the new Mars products

And today, Nubia's sub-brand, Red Magic e-sports mobile phone, officially announced on its official Weibo. The company said it will hold a press conference on the new Mars products at the VSPN e-sports Center in Shanghai on the 28th of this month and a grand night event for the mobile game e-sports. At this point, Nubia warm up for a long time before the Red Magic Mars e-sports mobile phone will finally officially appear.

As a professional e-sports mobile phone for mobile gamers, the Red Magic Mars has naturally reached the current top level in terms of performance. According to the data provided by Master Lu, Nubia Red Magic Mars e-sports mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm Cellon 845 processor with 8GB memory, its comprehensive running score reached 361730, very excellent in the same products.

It not only has the flagship hardware performance, Red Magic Mars e-sports mobile phone also prepared a very good quality of heat dissipation system in order to match the top-level chip. This system uses air-cooled liquid cooling dual heat dissipation system. According to the authorities, the cooling system is sufficient to reduce the core temperature of the fully-loaded Celldragon 845 by 13.2 degrees Celsius, effectively avoiding the overheating of the CPU and keeping the game running at full frame.

Red Magic Mars e-sports mobile phone 

Finally, the Red Magic Mars e-sports mobile phones still played a lot of hard work in creating the atmosphere of the game. Its DTS Sound effect + SmartPA intelligent amplifier can call the real scene experience for the player friend. The brand-new surround sound allows players to locate precisely,always grasps the enemy movement.

Predictably, the debut of the Nubia Red Magic Mars is sure to bring a new round of hardware storms in the mobile gaming world. Even with exactly the same hardware configuration, Nubia Red Magic can bring you a better gaming experience with rich technology. Strives for perfection, this is the direction of the Nubia Red Magic have been pursuing.


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