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Oclean Air intelligent electric toothbrush review: the most compact electric toothbrush on the market

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The Oclean Air is one of the latest arrivals from Xiaomi in the personal care department. Sporting a very compact size, minimalistic design, app control and quite a friendly price tag (in the best traditions of the company), the Oclean Air may just be what you’ve been searching for to take your morning rituals to a new level. But let’s find out more!


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Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush video display

First, let's get acquainted with the Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush via a  video  display from GearBest.



Oclean Air Intelligent APP Control Sonic Electrical Toothbrush - WHITE

Oclean Air Intelligent APP Control Sonic Electrical Toothbrush - WHITE
$50 $39.99    


Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush: lightweight and compact design

One of the main advantages of the Oclean Air is that it's much less cumbersome than most other electric toothbrushes. In fact, one of the reasons some people shy away from using an electric toothbrush on a daily basis is that these toothbrushes often comes with too many bells and whistles, which make them much less convenient to use — and, especially, to travel with.

the design of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush 

However, the Oclean Air is a breath of fresh air when it comes to portability. Measuring just 9.17 x 0.87 x 0.87 inches and weighings just a bit over 90 grams. This makes it super easy to pack and travel with and use in a variety of conditions.

Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush: smart features from app control to AI

We've all heard about the benefits of using an electric toothbrush. In fact, electric toothbrushes have been recommended by the American Dental Association as a more effective way of removing oral plaque.

But the Oclean Air takes things further with a set of smart features that aim to make your dental hygiene even more effective.

the features of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush 

High-efficiency motor

The Oclean Air comes equipped with the new generation Maglev motor delivering 5.5mm swing range, 40,000 strokes per minute and 220gf/cm torque output. This powerful combo lets the toothbrush "deliver" the toothpaste to more hard-to-reach areas and, thus, removes plaque more efficiently.

high-efficiency motor of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush  

Spa brushing

In order to balance out the effects of the powerful motor, the toothbrush comes with the German Pedex bristle that will not scratch your gums or damage the enamel on your teeth. Moreover, the brushheads are compatible Oclean One, SE and Air.

the spa brushing of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush  

One-touch switch

The Oclean Air comes with only one pressure sensitive button that lets you turn the device on and off as well as switch between modes: short press for gentle cleaning and long press for deep cleaning.

one-touch switch of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush 

AI protection

Even though we are all well aware of the "correct brushing ways", some of us tend to steer away. And while you may not be aware that you are brushing your teeth too hard or too quickly, the Oclean Air's smart tech will immediately take action and adjust the frequency to ease the pressure on your teeth.

AI protection of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush  

App control

In addition to the built-in intelligent functionality, the toothbrush features app control. This opens the door to a whole new range of options. You will be able to choose between several cleaning modes, 20 cleaning programs and over 100 customized combinations for various oral care needs. The app will also help you choose the most suitable cleaning program based in your age, eating habits, preferences, and more. All you need to do is connect the toothbrush with the dedicated app via Bluetooth and create your very own dental hygiene plan.

App controling of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush  

IPx7 waterproof

Naturally, the toothbrush comes with all the necessary protection including protection against water damage.

IPx7 waterproof of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush 

30-day battery life

In an effort to save you as much time as possible, the Oclean Air comes with an 800mAh battery that will last for up to 30 days without a recharge. More than that, it will take no longer than 2 hours to fully charge the toothbrush.

30-day battery life of Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush 

Oclean Air intelligent toothbrush: should you get one?

The Oclean Air can be all yours for just $32.99. This is a rather standard price for electric toothbrushes from industry leaders like Foreo and Oral-B. With that, the toothbrush comes with a very extensive set of smart features that very few similar devices can offer. True, Xiaomi is not exactly the expert in oral hygiene — but it is an expert in high tech. The Oclean Air gives you a real insight into your brushing habits and, in general, takes a very smart approach to planning and customizing your morning routine for maximum efficiency.

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