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Oclean X VS SOOCAS X3: Which One is More Worth Buying?

ByJoe Horner 2019-10-09 13876

Oclean and SOOCAS are the most cost-effective brands of electric toothbrushes in China. In addition, Oclean X and SOOCAS X3 are currently one of the most acclaimed electric toothbrushes under the two brands. So, Oclean X and SOOCAS X3, which electric toothbrushes is more worth buying? Let's take a look.

Oclean X VS SOOCAS X3 

Oclean X VS SOOCAS X3: Specs Compare


Oclean X



Max Frequency

40000 rpm

38600 rpm

Max Torsion

220 gf.cm

230 gf.cm


Cleaning Mode

 (Clean/ whiten/ massage/sensitive)



Battery Capacity



Charging Time


Standby Time

30 days

25 days

Charging mode

Magnetic USB quick charge



Bluetooth 4.2 BLE


iOS 8.0/Android 4.4
and later

Brush Wire Material

DuPont Tynex 2017

DuPont Tynex Classic 0.152mm


$59.99 (Flash Sale)



Oclean X VS SOOCAS X3: Appearance Compare

The biggest innovation of the Oclean X over the SOOCAS X3 is that the Oclean X has a 0.95inch touch screen, and the SOOCAS X3 looks similar to other brands of electric toothbrushes, especially the Oclean SE. Both have a circular physical button plus a LED lamp. The appearance is very simple and easy to operate. In addition, Oclean X has white and rice white to choose from, while the SOOCAS X3 has white, black and pink, more colors to choose from.

Oclean X   

Both Oclean X and SOOCAS X3 use DuPont Tynex bristles and copper-free hair grafting technology in toothbrushes. The brush head does not contain metal copper, does not rust, reduces gaps, and is more hygienic to use.


In terms of appearance, perhaps the Oclean X with a touch screen will be more popular. Because of this touch screen, users can directly through the touch screen to adjust their own cleaning mode, more convenient to use.

Oclean X VS SOOCAS X3: Cleaning Compare

In terms of cleaning effect, both Oclean X and SOOCAS X3 belong to acoustic cleaning type. Not only is the cleaning ability strong, but also the damage to the teeth is less than the ordinary rotary electric toothbrush.


It is worth noting that both Oclean X and SOOCAS X3 have 4 effective cleaning modes, Cleaning, whitening, massage and sensitive. It takes into account the needs of different user groups.


However, the Oclean X has a built-in 6-axis sensor, which can take into account the 8 zones in the oral cavity, effectively monitor the oral cleaning range, and will display the cleaning data on the LED screen. It is helpful for users to understand the degree of light cleaning of their own mouth in order to adjust the cleaning scope and intensity in a timely manner. However, SOOCAS X3 only take into account the cleanliness of the 4 zones in the oral cavity, and needs to see and test the cleaning effect through the mobile phone, which is not very convenient in the process of practical use.

Oclean X  

The Oclean X uses a new generation of maglev brushless motor to bring you a flagship efficient tooth cleaning experience. Its highest frequency is 40000 rpm, high vibration pendulum, can impact tooth stains at high speed, in addition, the maximum torque of, Oclean X is 220gf. Cm, high output, can clean dental plaque vigorously.

Oclean X brushless motor 

Although the SOOCAS X3 may be a little worse in cleanliness, the SOOCAS X3 is the first electric toothbrush on the market to pass a clinical whitening test. Is now the only electric toothbrush that has been shown to have a significant whitening effect!



In addition, the SOOCAS X3 has a 30-second change zone reminder and a 2-minute stop brushing reminder to help you brush your teeth more scientifically and evenly


From the above comparison, I believe you already know which electric toothbrush is more powerful. Although the SOOCAS X3 may be slightly inferior to the Oclean X in functionality, it is also cheap, and the two electric toothbrushes have little difference in battery life and are cost-effective. Which one would you choose?

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