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Onda V10 4G phablet review: is it worth buying with $164?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-31 1644

Onda released Onda V10 in May. The $164 is cost-effective in this year of rising prices of various electronic products. Seen from publicity, the selling point seems to be focused on 4G communication, which is a more convenient choice for many people who need more than two devices when going out. But how about the actual using experience? Let’s find out.

the design of Onda V10 4G phablet 

Onda V10 4G phablet: specs

Let's kick off with the table of the  key specs of the Onda V10 4G phablet to give you a general idea of the device's capabilities.


Product name
Onda V10 4G Phablet
Product size
24.00 x 17.00 x 0.83 cm / 9.45 x 6.69 x 0.33 inches
Product weight
0.4900 kg
10.1 inch,1920 x 1200 pixels
Android 7.0
MTK6753 Otca Core 1.3GHz
ARM Mali-T720
External memory
TF card up to 128GB (not included)
5.0MP rear camera;2.0 MP front camera
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery capacity(mAh)
Battery / run time (up to)
6 hours video playing time
Charging time
about 3h
AC adapter
100-240V 5V 2A


Onda V10 4G Phablet - CHAMPAGNE GOLD

Onda V10 4G Phablet - CHAMPAGNE GOLD


Onda V10 4G phablet: design

According to the product information, the body of Onda V10 phablet adopts white and gold color blending, and there are no more color options. The gold back panel, made from matte processing plastic material, is the common three-section body design. This design is not only better for the signal reception of antenna, but support some operations like inserting an SD card. The phablet just measures 8.8mm thickness, so it is relatively light and thin among the current budget phablets.     

the gold color design of Onda V10 4G phablet 

On the upper left of the back plate of Onda V10 is a removable cover plate. Opening the cover plate, you can insert the SIM card and TF expansion card. The lower part is the speaker. On the front, the phablet adopts the white border design, which is not as strong as the black in terms of integrity, while on the top, it houses a 2MP front camera. On the right side, there are 3.5mm headphone jack, power button, volume key and reset holes. There is no open hole on the left side of the body, and on the right side of the top is the USB port. On the back, it has a 5MP back  camera and a flash light. The SIM card slot on the left supports two standard SIM cards which support dual SIM dual standby. The TF card supports up to 128GB extensions. At the bottom are double speakers.

the interface  of Onda V10 4G phablet 

From the whole design, it the phablet is lack of integrity because of the three-section design. In general, for a tablet that sells for $164, it is still good overall, but there are some details still needing to be improved.

10.1-inch big screen

The Onda V10 4G phablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch big screen with 1920 x 1200 pixels IPS screen, which is clearer than the common 1080P resolution. The screen performance is good, but there are still some fruit grains when you watch pictures or videos closely lying on the bed. But you will have a clear and comfortable watching experience when you sit and play it during the day.   

the screen of Onda V10 4G phable 

Mid-level performance

Let’s first look at the specs: Mediatek MT6753 processor, 28nm process technology, 8 A53 cores, the frequency is 0.3-1.3GHz. With 2GB of DDR3 memory and 32GB of emmc storage, the entire configuration looks worthy of its value. After all, there are plenty of quad-core phablets at the budget price range.

the Mediatek MT6753 processor of Onda V10 4G phable 

Besides, it has a good using experience when browsing the web or opening APP. From the Android version CPU-Z, we can see that there is only one core is maintained at about 0.3GHz when staying on one page or reading e-books, which is more energy saving. When opening or switching the APP, the processor will open up to 8 cores, so as to guarantee the switching smoothness.

The Onda V10 4G phablet comes with 2GB of RAM, which is the most common configuration at this price range. But will the 2GB of memory become a bottleneck of fluency? We tested it by opening the 6 commonly used APPs at the same time, which accounts for 87% of its total memory, but the phablet still runs smoothly. However, there is also a slight lag and delay when frequently switching APPs.

The upgraded Android 7.0 operating system

The Onda V10 4G phablet adopts Android 7.0 system, which is obviously embodied on the status bar, the swipe down notification bar, multi-task switching and settings interface. Compared with most of the custom ROM, it is closer to the original simple design, and more unified color. The fluency of Android 7.0 system is also greatly improved than the Android 6.0. That’s why we also recommend friends to upgrade their Android devices to 7.0 version.

the Android 7.0 system of Onda V10 4G phable 

Games & entertainment performance

How does Onda V10 4G phablet perform in actual gaming and entertainment applications? We're going to try it out with the most commonly used APPs on tablets right now.  

The King of Glory is the most popular game presently. With Onda V10 4G phablet, you will have a good playing experience. Playing on the large screen is very cool. Basically, it enables to run the game at the speed of 30 frames. The Dragon Valley is also a very popular game, and it also can smoothly run on the Onda V10.

the Games & entertainment performance of Onda V10 4G phable 

Besides, the Onda V10 supports HD video playback. It can smoothly play both the built-in videos and online HD videos.

The built-in ultra clear video will run smoothly without any lag and display clearly. Online HD video also has good fluency.

the HD video  of Onda V10 4G phable 

Therefore, in terms of game and application, the overall performance is good except that there is a little lag when running some large games.

Camera performance

As a phablet, taking photos is also a part of the function. The Onda V10 is equipped with a 2MP front camera, which can meet the basic video chat function but it is not suitable for selfies. The 5MP rear camera is also a mainstream feature for many other tablets, and it is also equipped  with a flash light. Of course, taking photos is not the main function of the phablet, especially for budgets phablets, such camera performance is enough.

the camera  of Onda V10 4G phable 

10W quick charge & endurance

The Onda V10 comes with a built-in 5200mAh lithium battery which supports 5V-2A charging, coupled with 10W fast charge adapter. Although it cannot compete with the popular 18W or 20W fast charge, but it has a great improvement compared with the traditional 5V-1A charging. In terms of the endurance, there will be no problem to last about 6 hours for normal use.

The battery and 10W fast charge of Onda V10  

Wrap up

First of all, in a year of increasing prices of electronic products, the price tag of $164 is really a good value for money. With the high price-performance ratio - $164, you can enjoy 4G network, dual card dual standby, and 10-inch screen. In the meanwhile, it can smoothly run most of software applications and games.

However, there are also some disadvantages, such as the poor appearance of integrity and the insufficient detailed processing, which are needed to be further improved.

So if you are those who have a low budget, and have a demand for 4G network or dual SIM cards, and like big screen, but don’t require much about appearance and workmanship details, the Onda V10 4G phablet will be a good choice.   


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