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Onda X20 4G tablet review: a media powerhouse on a budget

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If you are looking for an economical way to have all your media handy and enjoy a full screen experience while you’re at it. Onda may not be a household name like Xiaomi or Huawei, but the company is behind some of the top budget bestselling tablets on GB. The X20 is the company’s latest product sporting a nice large screen, 4G connectivity, the Helio X20 processor and more. Let’s take a look under the hood and see if we can spot any more selling points.


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the design of Onda X20 4G tablet 

Onda X20 4G tablet?specs

First, let's have a quick look at the Onda X20 4G tablet specs.


Product name
Onda X20 4G Phablet
10.1 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixels
Android 7.1
MT6797 ( Helio X20 ) deca core
ARM Mali-T880
External memory
TF card up to 128GB
5.0MP rear camera;2.0MP front camera
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 4.0


Onda X20 4G Phablet - PLATINUM

Onda X20 4G Phablet - PLATINUM
$193 $169.99    


Onda X20 4G tablet: a 10+ inch display in a classic design

Design-wise, the Onda X20 does not stand out too much from the wide range of large screen tablets on the market. You get the 10.1 inch capacitive screen, a plastic body with a metal back and cameras on the front and back. The only thing that would probably make your eyes on linger on the Onda X20 during your first encounter is the tablet’s beautiful white color.

the 10.1 inch screen of Onda X20 4G tablet 

The Onda X20’s display is a 10.1 inch 2.5K retina screen (2560 x 1600 resolution). This may not be the biggest screen out there, but it is more than enough to create an immersive experience for your media. Plus, you get the 178 degree wide viewing angle for an even better view of the media playing on your display. With that, the X20 manages to stay perfectly portable and easy to use on-the-go.

the display of Onda X20 4G tablet 

Onda X20 4G tablet: a graphics friendly CPU and a large battery

On the inside, the Onda X20 comes with the Helio X20 deca core CPU delivering plenty of power for everyday multitasking and fueling your media addiction as well as casual gaming — especially, when paired with the ARM Mali-T880 GPU.

the the Helio X20 deca core of Onda X20 4G tablet 

The tablet’s speedy CPU is backed up with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. 3GB of RAM will give you a decent amount of space for multitasking, so you will be able to run several apps at the same time. True, the internal storage amount is quite modest — but you will be able to compensate that with 128GB more on a SD card.

the CPU performance of Onda X20 4G tablet 

With the Onda X20, you won’t have to worry about fishing for a Wi-Fi connection everywhere you go. Thanks to the convenience of onboard 4G internet, you will be able to watch movies in HD, play games, connect with friends via video calls, browse the web and more — thanks to a high-speed internet connection.

the 4G internet of Onda X20 4G tablet  

Another feature that makes the Onda X20 a high-powered media devices are the tablet’s stereo speakers. With 0.02% low distortion, you will be able to enjoy high-quality sound throughout your media experience — even without resorting to headphones or sound amplifiers.

the stereo speakers of Onda X20 4G tablet 

The powerful battery completes the puzzle — the Onda X20 runs on the 6600mAh polymer battery giving you plenty of time to enjoy your media without frequent recharges.

Taking photos with a tablet has already been made fun of in one too many blog posts — but should you choose to ignore this, the Onda X20 comes with a decent set of cameras. You get a 5MP cam on the back of the tablet for quick snapshots of interesting moments. On the front, you get a 2MP cam for selfies or chats with friends and family.

the back and front cams of Onda X20 4G tablet 

On the connectivity side, the tablet comes dual SIM card slot, an SD card slot for expanding storage, a micro USB slot for charging (it will take about three hours to go from 0% to a full  charge) and a headphone jack. For wireless connection, you get the support of Bluetooth 4.0, which will let you easily hook up external gear like speakers, headphones and more.

the Bluetooth 4.0 of Onda X20 4G tablet 

Onda X20 4G tablet: is that enough features for $169.99?

With the price for the base iPad model being $329 (with that including 32GB of non-expandable storage and only Wi-Fi connectivity), you get a pretty good deal with the Onda X20. For half the price of an iPad, you get a getting a large 10.1 inch screen, a powerful graphics oriented deca core CPU, 4G network support for speedy internet on-the-go, a large battery and more. 


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