One plus 7T Review: 90Hz Screen Using Experience

ByDanice Flury 2019-12-26 2034

[gearbest evaluation] after 5 years of precipitation and accumulation, the power of mobile phone products has been enhanced year by year, at the same time, users' word-of-mouth continues to rise. On October 15, one plus 7T officially met with domestic users, still strong performance, excellent user experience, all upgraded 90Hz fluid screen, vowing to enhance the user experience to the extreme.

Today, let's talk about this new flagship and see how one plus 7T performs and how the upgraded 90Hz fluid screen will change. 

New height of 90Hz fluid screen

This year, the mobile phone screen has undergone a qualitative change, from the traditional 60Hz to 90Hz, its fluency and chirality is unstoppable, thanks to the addition of the leader.

There may be many people who don't quite understand the difference between 60Hz and 90Hz. What is the advantage of the increase in refresh rate? First of all, the response time is only about 10 milliseconds, and secondly, the chirality is stronger when sliding, and the image is clear and coherent.

Because of this, many people say they can never go back after using the 90Hz fluid screen. Compared with the traditional 60Hz screen, the fluency of the screen is so much improved that even if you swipe quickly, you won't have the situation of Catton dragging.

Back to the one plus 7T 90Hz exclusive customized fluid screen, using the industry's well-received AMOLED hard screen. In addition, on the basis of inheriting the excellent genes of the previous generation of 90Hz fluid screen, Yiga strives for excellence and optimizes the details of deep ploughing, which only brings users a more smooth user experience.

The official said that for the one plus 7T screen, three main aspects have been optimized: first, the priority of all touch and drawing has been redefined to make the response time faster; second, the performance of the flagship processor has been deeply mined to ensure that the foreground applications can allocate the strongest performance resources; finally, a set of one plus 90Hz application certification system has been specially developed to ensure that the animation and functional experience of commonly used applications on the 90Hz fluid screen is more perfect and excellent.

When browsing the web and Weibo, the 90Hz fluid screen will bring you an extremely comfortable hand, which is simply "where to play". As the fingers slide up and down, the page rolls up and down with the fingers, as if the fingers have been integrated with the one plus 7T screen. In addition, when switching the interface between left and right, it can also be as smooth as silk.


One plus 7T and iPhone 11 Pro Max page slide and hand comparison

Plus 7t and iPhone 11 Pro Max page slide fluency comparison

In addition, 90Hz high refresh rate will also bring excellent game experience, high refresh rate for dynamic effects of low refresh rate is incomparable. High frame rate brings 3D visual smoothness and fluency, so that the game picture can be kept delicate in all situations. Comparison of

60Hz and 90Hz Game fluency

Liu Zuohu once said that the mobile phone screen is like an extension of people's eyes and has become another window for people to the world. And a really good screen should be done, no matter where you are, as long as you light the screen, you will suddenly enter a completely different world.

Indeed, Yiga has been making efforts to this end, constantly refreshing and setting up the industry benchmark of mobile phone screen, only to bring the most extreme experience to users. So far, it is even difficult to find a rival of the same level for it. It is worth mentioning that for the optimization of the 90Hz screen, the follow-up one plus 7 Pro will also be upgraded, which is undoubtedly a good thing for regular users. 

In addition to optimization and upgrading, the one plus 7T screen has received two authoritative certifications: HDR10/HDR10+, is the first mobile phone product to support HDR10+, and Rheinland Eye comfort Certification, effective filter harmful blue light health eye protection. In addition, one plus 7T also launched a color reading mode, so that the text reading is still comfortable, while realizing the color display of picture content, which is a necessary function for mobile phone reading enthusiasts.

Makes technology have a temperature

Since 2014, one plus has raised the importance of touch for the first time. Design is not only the beauty of appearance, its beauty is multi-dimensional, including feel, touch, texture and so on. Yiga hopes to interpret the relationship between technology products and people through design, so that mobile phones can really be integrated into our lives. Over the past five years, one plus has been adhering to the concept, the texture of each phone has been well received, this persistence is commendable.

Although there are so many designs of double-sided glass + metal frames on the market today, there are only a handful of ones that are as round and natural as one plus 7T. This time one plus 7T replaces the back cover of the fourth generation AG glass process, with advanced matte texture, which ensures a sense of grip while making the whole machine look more advanced. In addition, this material is not easy to stain fingerprints, which is a blessing for friends with sweaty hands.

In the back design, the biggest change is the camera module, using a circular three-camera design, showing the symmetry aesthetics incisively and vividly. And in the light, the lens decoration ring can emit a jewel luster, which also shows the ultimate pursuit of texture.

Generally speaking, excellent design and unique touch make one plus 7T, as if holding not a cold machine, but a work of art with temperature.

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