OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5: what's the difference?

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OnePlus' new smartphone models are often awaited with much anticipation and the company is now back with the second flagship of the year — the OnePlus 5T. As a successor of OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T has some minor but significant updates. Let's find out more details.

OnePlus 5T vs. OnePlus 5: design

You will not spot too many differences when it comes to the phones' design. Both models come with a full metal body — but there is a slight difference in the dimensions:

The OnePlus 5 measures 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3mm and weighs 153g while the OnePlus 5T is 156.1 x 75 x 7.3mm and weighs 162g. The new model is also only available in black — but the OnePlus 5 is available in black as well as grey.

One of the main notable changes is the repositioning of the fingerprint sensor — it has been moved to the back panel. There is also no Home Button on the new model.

OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

The most remarkable upgrade is the addition of facial recognition to the front of the phone — you can now unlock the device with your face — but note that the feature does not work in the dark.

the facial recognition function of OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T vs. OnePlus 5: screen

Screen is what most of us look at first when we get a new phone — and, in this regard, the OnePlus 5T will not disappoint: the new phone comes with a 6.01 inch screen compared to the 5.5-inch screen on the OnePlus. There is also a resolution boost: the OnePlus 5T comes with 1080 x 2160 resolution and the OnePlus 5 features a resolution of 1080 x 1920.

the screen of OnePlus 5T

Both screens are AMOLED — but the OnePlus 5T has a super widescreen with the 18:9 ration while the OnePlus 5 comes with the standard 16:9. So, if you are desperate for a big screen and want to sport that cool thin-bezel look – the OnePlus 5T is a definite winner.

the big screen feature of Oneplus 5T

OnePlus 5T vs. OnePlus 5: performance

Both the new and the older models are very powerful phones — and there is no significant difference between the two in speed and multitasking ability. Both phones feature a high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset and are available with either 6GB or 8GB RAM. Plus, you get 64GB or 128GB of extra storage and Android Nougat (default), which can be upgraded to the latest Android Oreo.

the Snapdragon 835 chipset on OnePlus 5T

With that, there are some welcome changes in the software: all the navigation in the OnePlus 5T is done with gesture controls (as there is no Home Button) and you also get some new functionality: you can clone apps and log into social media, Dropbox, etc. with multiple accounts without the inconvenience of logging in and out. You can run a search for pictures based on the location where they were taken.

The gesture controls function on OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T vs. OnePlus 5: camera and battery

The OnePlus 5T has a slightly better camera than the previous model — there is a dual-lens 16MP + 20MP pairing and  f/1.7 aperture on both lenses (on the OnePlus 5, the 20MP sensor has an f/2.6 aperture) which guarantees a better light performance — so feel free to snap that selfie after sunset.

the camera of OnePlus 5T

The Camera app has also received a few upgrades: you can use the fingerprint scanner to take pictures and navigate the app with gesture controls — once again, a very welcome upgrade for selfie snappers.

There is no change in the battery capacity: both phones come with 3,300mAh and support fast charging.

The dash charging of OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T vs. OnePlus 5: price

With not too many significant changes in design, performance or battery capacity, the price has not been altered much either. You can get the OnePlus 5T for almost the same amount of money as the OnePlus 5 — provided, of course, you go for the same RAM and storage capacity.

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Wrap up

The most important upgrade on the OnePlus 5T is the screen. As we've mentioned earlier, the new model comes with a bigger display and a higher resolution. The screen is also wider and features thinner bezels.

Another feature of note is definitely face recognition — but keep in mind that most face scanners are still in their development stage and may not work quite as well as promised.

Other welcome improvements include a camera upgrade and some extra navigation functionality mentioned above.

Is it worth trading in your OnePlus 5 for the new model? We'd say the minor upgrades are not worth the trouble. However, if you are looking for a new phone and are choosing between the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5, go with the latest model — especially since you get all the new functionality at zero extra cost.


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