OnePlus 6/6T public beta adds DC dimming, RAM Boost

ByBella Evans 2019-05-25 1977

Today, OnePlus officially announced that OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T will experience the latest new features, including Fnatic esports mode, meditation mode, screen recording, horizontal screen quick reply, telecom VoLTE and so on. Today, a plus forum updated some information, OnePlus 6/6T will add support for DC dimming, RAM Boost startup acceleration, and open the Android Q system early adopters upgrade.

OnePlus 6/6T

OnePlus 6/6T screen DC dimming

The brightness of the screen is adjusted by changing the power of the circuit. The screen strobe can be reduced at low brightness, but in some cases there may be color display anomalies. DC dimming will be combined with OnePlus 6/6T public beta version, OnePlus 5/5T need evaluation first.

OnePlus 6/6T RAM Boost starts acceleration

RAM Boost will improve memory utilization efficiency according to usage habits. By learning how to use your phone, RAM Boost predicts which applications you need to enable and the data you want to load, taking advantage of the memory's capacity to improve performance in everyday use.

At present, Smart Plus will be upgraded to RAM Boost on OnePlus 6/6T. OnePlus 5/5T will be supported later.

Android Q version upgrade on OnePlus 6/6T

At present, the Android Q version has been sent to the forum for 6/6T users to download early adopters. OnePlus 5/5T will be supported later.


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