OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB edition will start from 749 euros in Europe

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-25 1014

After the OnePlus company had announced the official release date of the OnePlus 7 series smartphones. There are many information of specs and price surfaced on the web.

We thought That everything we needed to know about the terminals before their presentation had already come to light. We were wrong.


In the absence of a little more than three weeks for the presentation, from Android Central claim to have had access to the official prices of the different configurations of the OnePlus 7 Pro that will be presented on May 14th. And as planned, this is the most expensive model of the five- year history of this firm.


The OnePlus 7 Pro would cost 749 or 819 euros depending on the specs.


If we heed the leaks that have emerged over the last few days, we know that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be – as its name suggests – the most pointer model of a family formed by two different devices. Its main attraction resides on the screen, as it mounts an AMOLED panel signed by Samsung with Quad RESOLUTION HD + and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Moreover, as it could not be otherwise, its interior will be led by the processor Snapdragon 855.


As confirmed now Android Central, The OnePlus 7 Pro will arrive in three variants, one with 8GB of ram AND 256 GB of storage, and another more expensive that INCREASES its RAM TO 12 GB, but maintains the same internal storage space. The price of the terminals respectively would be 749 and 819 euros in Europe.


The source ensures that there will also be a 7 Pro variant with 6 GB OF RAM and 128 GB of storage, although its price has not transcended for the moment. However, a price of 699 euros is rumored for this model.


At the moment, the only one escaping from the leaks with respect to the price is The OnePlus 7 "to dry". Today, it is not known how much will cost the natural successor of the current OnePlus 6T, although it is expected that its base price is not much higher than the 549 euros of the previous model. A price of 599 euros for The OnePlus 7 with 8GB OF RAM and 128 GB of storage would be quite coherent taking into account the course of the firm in recent years, and the rise in prices that has accompanied their models.

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