OnePlus 7T camera review: camera samples and shooting experience

ByGoraud Mazanec 2019-11-15 9289

OnePlus smartphones are famous for its high price-performance ratio, excellent overall performance, and praiseworthy camera setup. In addition to the powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, smooth 90Hz fluid display and 30W fast charging, the OnePlus 7T also has outstanding 48MP triple rear cameras. How about its camera performance on earth? Let’s share our real camera samples and shooting experience about it.

OnePlus 7T  

OnePlus 7T camera specs

● Triple rear cameras:

48MP primary lens with Sony IMX586 sensor; OIS, EIS, f/1.6 aperture

12MP telephoto lens; f/2.2 aperture

16MP ultra wide angle lens; f/2.2 aperture, 117 degree field of view

Dual LED flash

2X optical zoom

Multi autofocus: PDAF + CAF

● Video:

4K video at 30/60 fps

1080P video at 30/60 fps

Super Slow Motion:

1080P video at 240 fps

720P video at 480 fps

720P video at 960 fps (This feature will be available through OTA later.)


Video Editor

● Front camera:

16MP with Sony IMX471; EIS; autofocus, f/2.0 aperture, 1080P video at 30 fps, Time-Lapse    

In recent years, the competition for mobile phone camera is becoming more and more fierce. In OnePlus's view, the greatest significance of making a good camera is to record "truth". There is a memory and story behind each photo.

This time, the OnePlus 7T is equipped with a rear ultra-clear three-camera, a 48 million-pixel IMX586 ultra-clear main camera, supporting optical and electronic anti-trembling, and a wider range of 117 °ultra-large wide-angle lenses, supporting 2x optical zoom. With super video anti-shake, ultra-wide-angle night view, super macro and other functions. Through the tacit cooperation of software and hardware, OnePlus 7T brings better shooting quality and smoother shooting experience.

All right, let's not say much. Let's take a look at the camera samples and talk as we watch it.

OnePlus 7T camera samples

Now, please enjoy the camera samples shot by OnePlus 7T.  

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

From the white sky outdoor camera samples, OnePlus 7T can easily take a color restore accurate photos, using it to take photos closer to the human eye, highlighting the authenticity. The picture is transparent and the color is pleasing to the eye, whether it is the sky or architectural details, can be perfect performance, and the main edge details are clearly visible.

OnePlus 7T camera samples 

Normal shooting

OnePlus 7T Normal shooting camera samples 

2x zoom shooting

OnePlus 7T 2x zoom shooting camera samples 

Ultra wide angle mode shooting

From the above sample, its color is basically consistent with the actual scene at that time, the brightness is also very well controlled, even with double zoom, the building is still clear, the sky color is pure. On the other hand, the wide-angle mode can increase the shooting field of vision for the user, and it can stop the vast beauty without going back.


It is worth mentioning that in the daily shooting process, OnePlus 7T optical anti-shake to me a lot of help. Especially when I shoot with one hand, the optical anti-shake function greatly improves the film rate. The moment you press the shutter, even if there is a slight vibration in the hand, there will not be a picture of the phenomenon.


Another reason why OnePlus 7T camera are so popular is the Super Night scene. From the first generation of mobile phones, a continuous progress, no longer simply meet the excellent imaging results of the day, but focus on the field of night photography, deep ploughing technology to solve the pain point for users. Let's take a look at the imaging performance of OnePlus 7T at night.

OnePlus 7T Ultra wide angle mode shooting camera samples 

OnePlus 7T Ultra wide angle mode shooting camera samples 

OnePlus 7T Ultra wide angle mode shooting camera samples 


From the camera samples above, we can see that the overall brightness of the picture is good, can accurately restore the original color of the scene, the darkness noise control is appropriate, the details are also clearly visible. The degree of light and shade is balanced, the color is eye-catching, the picture is bright and clean, which brings an excellent sense of visual perception.


In the light complex scene, OnePlus 7T performance is also very good, the light box board font has not been exposed, the dark detail processing is good, the font edge dazzling light control is ideal, the font is clearly visible and the edge is clear and sharp.


OnePlus 7T light complex scene camera samples  

Normal mode night shooting

OnePlus 7T Normal mode night shooting  camera samples 

Nightscape mode shooting

OnePlus 7T Nightscape mode shooting camera samples 

Nightscape ultra wide angle shooting

After turning on the super night scene mode, the overall brightness of the picture is improved, but the bright part of the screen is exposed at the same time to add more dark details, such as the plaque near the word more clearly visible.

OnePlus 7T Nightscape ultra wide angle shooting camera samples 

With the help of the f/1.6 aperture lens, even if night view mode is not turned on, you can take a good picture with OnePlus 7T. After magnifying the sample, the texture on the surface of the building is still clearly visible, the details remain intact, and there is no obvious noise.


The most important test of the night scene is the control of noise and the purity of the picture. In these two aspects, OnePlus 7T can be shown in a circle. Compared with many mobile phones, OnePlus 7T does not blindly improve the brightness of the night scene, but to ensure the purity of the picture at the same time, increase the amount of light, suppress exposure, and detail retention and noise control are very good. In addition, OnePlus 7T should also have an ultra-wide-angle night view mode, which can make the photos clearer and full of picture tension.


In addition to the normal photo experience, this time, OnePlus 7T has not yet brought the macro shooting function, coupled with an exclusive custom super macro motor to achieve the super macro shooting function, so that the focus distance can be as close as 2.5cm.

OnePlus 7T macro shooting function 

 OnePlus 7T macro shooting function 

OnePlus 7T macro shooting effect  

From the sample sheet, the macro effect of OnePlus 7T is good, both the stamen details and the texture of the branches are clearly visible. And the scene is very natural, and the color and contrast of the sample is also very good performance, the focus of the scene is prominent, very hierarchical.

OnePlus 7T camera

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the way OnePlus 7T shoots video opens up a new possibility for mobile phone images. Users can switch freely between the main camera, long focus and ultra-wide angle at any time, and discover more surprises of the world from a new perspective. Looking for the most creative perspective.


On the whole, the camera performance of OnePlus 7T was a surprise, and the effect was satisfactory. Whether it is daylight or night, OnePlus 7T can handle the shooting well. The sufficient light input ensures the overall brightness of the photos. In a word, the photos shot in the day time performs well in color and details, while the noise control is also in place at night.

Today, users have higher and higher requirements for mobile phone cameras. They need to take pictures clearly during the day and return to the beauty of the original night at night. There is no doubt that OnePlus 7T has done so.

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