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OnePlus official specially explained the in-display fingerprint technology with the self learning function

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As a newly released flagship mobile phone, OnePlus 6T is the first smartphone to support in-display fingerprint technology. Unlike the press type screen fingerprint identification used by Xiaomi and Meizu, the OnePlus 6T adopts more advanced light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology.

OnePlus in-display fingerprint technology

According to the official data, the unlock speed of the OnePlus 6T has reached an amazing 0.341 seconds. However, the real using experience reveals that the unlock speed of the OnePlus 6T is really fast, but it is not as fast as the official said.

the unlock speed of the OnePlus 6T  


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However, a recent official blog post of OnePlus 6T shows that the unlock speed of the OnePlus 6T has still the possibility of further improvement.

The blog said, "Every time a user successfully unlocks the OnePlus 6T, the fingerprint sensor will record the fingerprint part that has not been recorded before, and then adds the data to make the fingerprint data more complete. Therefore, after each unlock, the mobile phone will collect more fingerprint data, which means that as time goes on, the unlock speed of the phone will become faster and faster."

With the development of AI technology, the unlock speed of the in-display fingerprint sensor is also greatly promoted. The progress that OnePlus 6T made on in-display fingerprint technology is the embodiment of the technical strength of the company.


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