OPPO Enco Q1 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones review: Is it worth buying

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For many ordinary consumers, OPPO is a mobile phone company, but in fact OPPO has swept the global Blu-ray machine market for video and audio more than a decade ago. OPPO officially unveiled its first noise reduction headset, OPPO Enco Q1, at the Reno2 launch on Sept. 10. Enco comes from the word encore, which means one more song and sounds so good that you want to keep listening. We've got this headset. Let's take a look at it. 

OPPO Enco Q1

OPPO Enco Q1:Appearance and comfort

The appearance of the OPPO Enco Q1 is very similar to the collar noise reduction headphones of a large factory, but it is no exaggeration to say that the OPPO is more comfortable to wear.Ergonomic neck ring, the use of seamless integration of the small cloud ring, fit the position of the skin is a small soft glue. The skeleton of the neck is made of memory metal, and the elasticity of the neck ring is very large, which can restore the original shape after a large amount of twisting. 

OPPO Enco Q1

The small soft glue that fits the skin is very smooth, and the annular part can not see the gap at all. Four pairs of liquid silicone earcaps (most headphones are three pairs, OPPO is four pairs) also use ergonomic design, texture Q smooth. Many people do not like earplugs because no matter what kind of earcap, will plug the ear, stuffy and uncomfortable, and OPPO's default earcap, small, soft, very easy to enter the ear. 160mAh lithium battery, turn on the noise reduction function can last 15 hours, turn off the noise reduction function can last 22 hours. The most intuitive feeling is that hanging around the neck for a day, basically do not feel the existence of the collar. 

OPPO Enco Q1

OPPO Enco Q1:Noise reduction and sound quality 

The most important noise reduction function of, OPPO Enco Q1 is ANC double feed active noise reduction technology. Through the double-feed active noise reduction system, an audio signal with the same frequency and amplitude and a phase difference of 180 degrees is generated. When the noise signal and the suppression noise signal converge and stack, they will cancel each other to achieve the effect of noise reduction. A hybrid noise reduction of feedforward and feedback, a microphone outside to collect external noise in the headset, and a microphone set in the cavity to counteract the ambient noise leaked into the ear, reducing the noise through both feedforward and feedback. In general, the entry-level active noise reduction headset only uses one internal or external technology, but because of the advantages and disadvantages of each inside and outside, the OPPO 599 yuan wireless noise reduction headset has chosen two technologies to do it together, double active noise reduction. Maximize the width and depth of noise reduction. 


OPPO Enco Q1

The two giants of the noise reduction headset industry, Bose and Sony, both use double-feed active noise reduction technology, through the noise reduction chip for anti-phase, and then send out anti-phase noise to offset it. 

OPPO Enco Q1 uses a new architecture of 28nm digital noise reduction chip, in addition to providing a better noise reduction experience with as little power consumption as possible, but also through the algorithm to accurately control the sound quality and frequency response curve, compared with the analog noise reduction technology, It can greatly improve the noise reduction performance consistency of mass production products. 

In training, OPPO's own core R & D team also includes two PhDs from the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of whom is in charge of debugging the noise reduction algorithm for OPPO wireless noise reduction headphones. 


OPPO Enco Q1

In the noise reduction experience, this 599 yuan headphone noise reduction effect can be said to exceed expectations, for daily life and commuting scenes, the isolation of environmental sound is very obvious, some scenarios do not lose S and B products. However, OPPO Enco Q1 also reflects that the processing direction of OPPO in human voice isolation is obviously different from that of Sojia. It may be due to safety considerations that the human voice is kept out while reducing the environmental sound, and the intermediate frequency human voice can hardly be isolated on OPPO Enco Q1. When you reduce the noise, you can hear the people around you more clearly.OPPO thinks this is the best choice after comparing the parameters over and over again, as Bose has said before. 

OPPO Enco Q1

The sound quality of this 599 yuan headset has achieved the low frequency surging power beyond this price, the intermediate frequency is rich and full, the high tone is clear and bright. Especially in the powerful low frequency part, the OPPO Enco Q1 with moving coil structure is very suitable for the music preferences of contemporary young people. The user portraits of OPPO Enco Q1 fit well with OPPO phones and are aimed at young people who have a desire for life and some details. The feeling of subwoofer and strength is deep enough and powerful enough, and at the same time, it does not produce sound dye, which affects the clarity of human voice. It is a headset suitable for listening to pop music. Headphones have three modes: music, film and game. In addition to music mode, 3D virtual surround sound technology is used in movie mode and game mode. 

On the diaphragm material of the horn, the, OPPO Enco Q1 adopts a double-layer composite diaphragm horn, which combines the PEEK rigid diaphragm with the PU flexible diaphragm, which counteracts the deficiency of the soft material at high frequency and the inelasticity of the rigid material at low frequency. Reduce sound defects at high and low frequencies. 

The OPPO Enco Q1 is transmitted with Bluetooth 5.0 and can be matched as long as it is close to a OPPO phone that supports fast pairing. Double-click the multi-function key to wake up the OPPO voice assistant Breeno, of course also supports other intelligent voice assistants. AAC audio format is supported, but APTX is not supported. 


Finally, let's see if it's worth buying. 599 yuan to buy a wireless noise reduction headset from a large audio factory, the price is not expensive, the noise reduction effect and sound quality exceed the standard of the products at this price, and the overall noise reduction level and sound quality are still a little behind the two benchmark manufacturers. But it is more comfortable to wear than the familiar factory. The "drawback" is that there is no noise reduction, and users who are particularly concerned about isolating voices can consider higher-end noise reduction headphones with voice switches, but these products are typically two or three times more expensive than the OPPO Enco Q1. , OPPO Enco Q1 is a good choice for wireless noise reduction headphones within a thousand yuan.

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