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OPPO R17 Pro teases smart aperture camera- opening night shot 2.0 era

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-23 1865

The OPPO R17 Pro is getting closer to its official launch date, and the smart aperture is arguably the phone's biggest selling point when it comes to taking photos. OPPO R17 Pro's outsole hardware is known to be the key to driving the night and dark shooting environment.

the launch conference of R17 Pro 

The R17 Pro is designed with a variable aperture and the lens can switch intelligently between F2.4 and F1.5 dual gears. Both F2.4 and F1.5 are available. Especially in the dark environment, it can automatically switch to the large aperture of F1.5, which can improve the incoming light of the camera module, so as to lower the ISO exposure, ensure the imaging stability, reduce the noise point, so as to guarantee the level of details in the dark part of the whole night scene.

F2.4 and F1.5 dual gears of R17 Pro 

In the past, when it came to photographing dark environments with mobile phones, most of them left a sense of self-distrust. The main reason is that the comprehensive quality of the mobile lens module is relatively low, which cannot meet the shooting requirements of night scene.

The "outsole" sensor has become an important part of shooting at night. The R17 Pro has a 1.4 m large pixel size and 1/2.55 large sensor size. Theoretically, the larger the single-pixel size and sensor size, the larger the light intake, which also ensures that the photos taken at night can get more bright details rather than black.

In addition, the R17 Pro uses full-pixel dual-core focusing, and the actual effect of night shooting is brighter. The main photography uses a sensor with a unit pixel size of 1.4 microns, which supports full-pixel dual-core focusing, further increasing the sensitivity and enhancing the brightness of the picture. Under the condition of warm light at night, the facial details and light and shadow of the characters are more clear.

full-pixel dual-core focusing of R17 Pro  

R17 Pro rear camera sensor has 24 million photosensitive units 12 million "dual-core pixels, each pixel can be separated into two sub pixel around, shooting objects is around 2 images respectively, according to the relationship of two images vary with object distance, converts it to the current camera movement quantity, directly to complete the focusing, focus speed of 0.03 seconds, the fastest is one of the fastest currently focusing technology.

It is also worth mentioning that the "night view" mode of the R17 Pro in shooting mode. For shooting with a traditional camera, generally extending the exposure time to improve the night view performance, it is necessary to match with a tripod. On the one hand ,it can ensure the filming stability, on the other hand ,also can meet the needs of long exposure.

the night view mode of the R17 Pro  

However, for the average user, what you need is a simpler way to take good night photos anytime, anywhere, and then you need "night view" mode and OIS optical anti-shake support. In normal dark light conditions, the shutter speed naturally slows down to get more light in. If the camera is shot by hand, the shaking will definitely make the picture smeared.

Optical anti-shake function has become a feature of many mainstream mobile phone cameras, which can effectively stabilize the camera and capture a clear picture quality. However, at present, most of the optical anti-shake function of OIS only supports horizontal and vertical shake compensation (two-axis anti-shake), so the anti-shake ability has some limitations.

OIS optical anti-shake function of OPPO R17 Pro  

OPPO R17 Pro support triaxial OIS optical image stabilization, shooting motion object, long dark environment exposure picture is not easy to paste, in addition to the sway of the horizontal and vertical direction caused by the jitter compensating outside, still can compensate for lens can't solve the optical axis of rotation, even with state film can also be effective to filter small jitter, ensure making definition of the image quality.


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