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Oppo R17 Pro to be launched on November 11, featuring excellent night shooting

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-29 1060

At 10 am on oct 22, OPPO announced that the R17 Pro will be available on Nov. 11. As one of the most anticipated products, the R17 Pro attracted attention with its super night shot and SuperVOOC flash charging technology.

For the first time, the R17 Pro adopts a three-shot design in R series products, and also supports F1.5/F2.4 flexible aperture. When the camera recognizes night scene or portrait shooting scene, it will turn on the F1.5 aperture to ensure greater light intake and better background blurring effect. The unique night mode of the R17 Pro makes this machine become top class in terms of night vision imaging. Through multi-frame synthesis technology, the night sample of the R17 Pro can significantly improve the image brightness and detail.

  the poster of announcing sale date

In addition to enhancements in photo-taking, the R17 Pro is the first in the R series to feature SuperVOOC supercharging, another OPPO model that follows Find X. The R17 Pro adopts a 2 x 1850mah equivalent to 3700mAh capacity dual-core design. The maximum charging power is close to 50W and can be charged to 40% of the total power in 10 minutes, greatly improving the charging efficiency and bringing unprecedented charging experience to users.

 the SuperVOOC supercharging of Oppo R17 Pro  

As one of the most excellent products with comprehensive experience of OPPO R series at present, R17 Pro combines the beauty of the flowing light and shadow with the cutting-edge technology of the industry. The comprehensive improvement in products is bound to trigger another round of purchasing boom during the Double 11.

R17 Pro combining the beauty of the flowing light and shadow with the cutting-edge technology of the industry 


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