Oppo Reno 5G version released: it takes only a few seconds to download a HD film

ByDaniel Camilo 2019-05-13 1249

OPPO has released a 5G version of its OPPO Reno mobile phone at the super experience store in Beijing. OPPO 5G’s Spark Plan was also officially launched.

The 5G version of OPPO Reno

The 5G version of OPPO Reno released this time basically maintains the same appearance with the 10-fold zoom version of OPPO Reno. It adopts the design of green fog-glass rear cover and three lenses. The difference is that the rear cover of the 5G version has a 5G logo.

In terms of body and thickness, the phone is almost the same as the Reno's 10x zoom version, which is not unusually thick due to the addition of 5G chips.

According to official data, the fastest downlink speed of the 5G version of Reno is 1049Mbps, which is 7.9 times higher than that of the 4G version. The fastest uplink speed is 102Mbps, which is 8 times higher than 4G version. Time delay has been reduced by 65%; In terms of power consumption, each 1GB of download consumes 1% of electricity.

This time, OPPO's 5G spark plan will cover three cities. You can experience 5G mobile in Beijing, 5G China unicom in Shanghai and 5G telecom in shenzhen. Users can go to OPPO super experience store to experience 5G network first.


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