Outer Wilds Launches at Xbox One and Epic Games Store on May 30th

ByLinky Cheng 2019-05-21 819

In the case of PC, it is a temporary exclusive of the Epic Games store, but then it will reach more platforms.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is released on Xbox One and PC on May 30th. Recently it was confirmed that it will be a temporary exclusive of Epic Games Store -although the weather is unknown-, and in the future it will reach other platforms.

Outer Wilds

The game will take us to an open world to live an adventure of mystery in a solar system that has been trapped in a time loop. The user must explore this world in first person to discover the arcane secret behind this mystery.

Players will be able to obtain objects that will help them investigate and travel the environments looking for different signals around the world. In this way they will reach extraterrestrial messages that they will have to translate.


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