Performance of AMD Radeon Navi, the Xbox Scarlett GPU and PS5

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The launch of the AMD Radeon Navi series is expected for the second half of this year, and is emerging as one of the most important events in the technological world. We are not exaggerating, as we indicated in the title this graphic generation will give life to Xbox Scarlett and PS5, and will also suppose a new starting point at the architecture level.

AMD Radeon Navi GPU new architecture

AMD Radeon Navi GPU

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, the series of AMD Radeon Navi graphics cards will mark the abandonment of the GCN architecture, a classic that the company from Sunnyvale has maintained since the Radeon HD 7000 series, and as many of our readers will have known. key in the construction of the PS4-PS4 Pro and Xbox One-Xbox One X consoles.

Using a new architecture usually has important consequences that usually translate into higher gross performance. This means, simply put, that an AMD Radeon Navi GPU should offer a higher power per shader compared to the Radeon VII, the most powerful graphics card currently marketed by the Sunnyvale giant.

The result that this leaves us is that a graphic card with a smaller number of shaders based on Navi should yield more than another graphic card with a greater number of shaders based on previous architectures. Thanks to previous leaks we could see that the AMD Radeon Navi mid-range models were going to perform like the high-end Radeon RX Vega, and a new performance test in CompuBench reinforces that idea.

It shows an AMD Radeon Navi with 20 computing units. If the Sunnyvale company maintains a count of 64 shaders per CU (computing unit) it would have a total of 1,280 shaders, a figure that fits into what we might consider a mid-low-range model. Despite its low count of shaders is capable of exceeding the RX 580 performance, which has a total of 2,304 shaders, and is at a level similar to the Radeon RX Vega 56, we remember, has a whopping 3,584 shaders .

AMD Radeon Navi GPU focus on gaming

If we talk about computer performance the AMD Radeon Navi loses ground and is far below the Radeon RX Vega 56, a fact that again fits with the information we had seen so far, and that everything points to the new architecture of AMD will be focused on gaming. It is understandable, not only because this generation will power Xbox Scarlett and PS5, but also because it will allow the Sunnyvale firm to simplify the Navi design at the silicon level and reduce costs.

We must not forget that Navi will also be manufactured in the process of 7 nm, an important leap that together with the change in architecture should allow a significant increase in performance by reducing consumption and working temperatures.


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