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This is a weird even "boring" review, talking about a freaking weird "boring" pressure release / time killing toy. But it does work! And you'll feel awesome somehow! Curious, anxious, or feel bored? Read it, maybe this novelty toy will make you feel better.

When I just got the task to write the review of the TOP 100 Gearbest hot sale products, I saw the name of PIECE FUN cube, a kind of novelty toy - the pressure release gear. I was interested in it and chose to do its review. However, when I saw its picture, I was disappointed and thought what the hell it was! I could not find anything special about it. Why could it be so popular among the consumers?! Maybe the real stuff is different, I thought like this and borrowed the toy from the warehouse.

PIECE FUN cube pressure release toy

However, when I get this hot selling toy, Oops, my instinct is right, except the cute and delicate look, this toy has nothing special but stupid. I try to play with it, so boring...Why should I spend my money on this boring stuff? Instead, the effect to play with a broken switch is same as this. Wait a minute, it's weird to take a switch by side and play it in the public. OK, I try my best to understand this toy and continue to play with it. And what more weird is, I find I start to like it and do think it's useful! And what's more, I am starting to addict. How can it be?! I am totally caught in its trap! Let's seriously look at this mysterious PIECE FUN cube.

When a person is nervous or under pressure, he will do something without consciousness to release the negative emotions like rubbing his hands together or shaking his leg. This PIECE FUN is a hand playing toy which is suitable for the people who are used to release pressure through the hand's phaneromania. And we cannot explain why we like doing these behaviors and how they developed. But this is not a praxiology class, what I want to lead in is that this box has six distinct faces, each face has its own playing method, which can fully satisfy people's different hand phaneromanias. Now, let's see how to play with each of its faces and how it helps to release the pressure.

Face 1: Thumb shape groove face

Rubbing thumb is one kind of habit for some people when they are nervous or feel unsafe. For example, in the popular American TV series Two broken girls, only rubbing her thumb on her pillow case or some other cloth, Max would feel at ease and could fall into sleep. Why she likes doing that? I don't know, please ask her. On one of the PIECE FUN cube's faces, there is a thumb shape groove which is made for people who have this habit to rub their thumbs for relaxing / pressure release purpose.

Actually, I don't have such phaneromania, but as a reviewer, I need to experience how actually this feeling is. So I tried. For the first several rubbings, I didn't have any special feeling but just felt I was stupid and bored. But, what weird was, gradually I found that I liked this feeling and every time my thumb rubbed the box groove, I felt comfortable and relaxed. More hard I rub my thumb, more comfortable I would fee. And now, I think I am addicted and want to rub my right thumb when it's free...

anti-stress plaything      

Face 2: Movable disk face

Similar to but also vary from rubbing the thumb, some people like rotating their thumb when they are anxious or free. The PIECE FUN cube has one face with a rotating available disk that you can freely rotate your thumb on it. Yes, you may think it's boring, but the magic is when I was keeping this opinion and rotating my thumb on it, I changed my mind after rotate again and again...It seems like my mood really becomes better...How can't I say it's strange?!

pressure release toy      

Face 3: Gear running face

What's weirder, the box even offers a thumb rubbing and rotating combination and updated version face! The gear rubbing and rotating face! On this face, not only can you rotate your thumb on the smooth metal ball but also you can rub your thumb on the movable gear. Compared with the smooth thumb shape groove face, the strong rubbing feeling and the rasping sound, which comes from the strong friction between the thumb and gear, give me an unknown satisfaction and pleasant sensation. And I feel all my stress are gone with the hard rubbings.

Don't ask me why, even I don't know why I would feel like this. And I cannot explain like you cannot explain why you like eating durian (or anything you like to eat but people regard it weird). And I even don't have any of these habits before.

release stress gear      

Face 4: Switch face

Repeatedly turning on and turning off the switch is a behavior some people like doing when they're boring, thinking or stressful. The reason cannot be explained, it's like you cannot explain why some people like the smell of oil or matchstick burning. When my thumb presses the switch on this PIECE FUN cube toy over and over, and hear the crispy crackling sound, the pressure or all the anxious emotion are gone. My mind becomes peaceful. With this toy, you don't need to find a switch to press anywhere, and people won't regard you are a freak to play with a switch.

PIECE FUN cube toy using methods     

Face 5: Bubble face

Do you like to squeeze the plastic bubbles on a wrapping paper? It's the most common thing you can find on the children. And when you are a kid, or even an adult now, you may like to do so. Me, too. When I see the bubbles, I just wan to squeeze them. Sometimes I will squeeze them one by one, but sometimes several ones together. When I hear the crispy bubble explosion sound, I feel happy and cannot help to keeping doing that until all the bubbles are broken. This toy's bubble face provides me the same feeling. When I press my thumb on all of them and feel the buttons' feedback and hear the sound, I just feel awesome! Yes, pretty weird!

PIECE FUN cube novelty toy      

Face 6: Big button face

When you see a big convex button, do you want to press it? Some people want. We have to admit it's kind of phaneromania. When the button be pressed down, you may feel you launch a guided missile, which makes you feel well. Only a press, but it gives an unspeakable satisfied feeling. My dear readers, don't say you cannot understand, because even you cannot explain many habits you have, right? It's just you want to do, simple like this. I tried this face, but I have to say it doesn't work on me.

PIECE FUN cube     


This is just a simple small toy, with just one or two simple repeating actions, but the stress does be released. The mind becomes peaceful, and the anxiousness goes. Like what I always say in the passage, you cannot explain why.

I cannot promise it works on you, too. But for me, five of the faces do work except the last one, though I don't have these phaneromanias before. I have to say it's good to experience these relaxing feelings.

If you really want me to say something good or bad about it, the good aspects should be the toy is cheap, cute, portable, useful on killing time and releasing stress. The bad aspects should be you may be addicted to it like me or it doesn't work on you.

But to get one PIECE FUN cube is not bad and won't cost you too much. And if you don't believe what I said, it's a good chance to try it yourself. Maybe it does help you when you need.

By the way, if you already plan to buy one on Gearbest, please pay attention, there is another toy which is similar to this one. But only the PIECE FUN cube (the left one) has the string hole that you can pass a string over the hole and tight it on your bag or wrist for lost prevention. And its touching feeling is much better than the right one. The price is almost the same, so I would strongly recommend you the PIECE FUN cube.

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