Project Mainline: the new security features to update Android OS

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Google has announced, as part of its Google I / O developer event, a new security update system for the Android Q system known as Project Mainline, which through the module division aims to accelerate Android updates through Google Play, and has also introduced a native dark mode for Android .

Android Q,

Project Mainline features

Project Mainline is already available in the third beta of Android Q, as one of the new features in security, and is "a new approach to keep users safe and their devices updated against important code changes, " Google explains in a statement .

This security update system presents as a great novelty that works directly through Google Play, with updates that work just like those of the applications and that can run in the background and load the next time the device is booted.

Project Mainline divides the system into modules, so that Google is able to update specific internal components of the Android system without the need to carry out a complete update of the operating system by the device manufacturer.

 In this way, Mainline allows Google to "keep the operating system code cooler," providing users with security updates to improve consistency and accelerate deployment, and enabling manufacturers to reduce costs.

Mainline security updates distribute the latest major changes introduced in the open source project code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Which Android OS does project Mainline support?

 Project Mainline will be available for all devices with the Android Q operating system or later, and has been introduced in beta 3 of Android Q, for which stable versions have not yet been released.

This system of updates is complementary to Project Strobe, an external audit introduced by Google last year along with the Foot version of Android, with which it modifies the structure of Android to make it easier for manufacturers to adopt the latest versions of Android and accelerate well the updates.

Native dark mode for Android

Also, Google has taken advantage of I / O to also introduce in beta 3 of Android Q a new native dark mode for the entire Android system, with themes in dark colors for low light conditions.

The US company has provided a new tool for developers of Android applications that allows them to use the system to force the introduction of a dark mode in their software.


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