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QCY T1C review: top-performing noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones at around $20

ByFields Corrielus 2019-07-31 4541

I think most people are attracted to the function and price of QCY T1C Bluetooth headphones at first sight. However, its performance and reviews are needed for reference.

This article is an in-depth review of QCY T1C Bluetooth true wireless headphones that I’ve written after using them for a while. There are words, so it takes you about 6 minutes to read. If you don’t want to spend too much time, read the conclusion in the end.

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The box is so simple that you can see why the product is at a low cost. However, all necessary items are in it, including the user manual, mini charging cable, two pairs of ear tips (S and L, as the M-sized ones are on the earbuds). Simple as the box is, the user experience and the product matter.

QCY T1C r 


The design of QCY T1C is quite simple. The earphones and earphone holder look like round capsules. The treatment of the juncture is smooth and satisfying. The holder is smaller than I expected, which can be easily put in any pocket.

The whole body of the headphones is black. The entire front is a button; on the side is the microphone; on the back are two contacts and L/R indicator. Thanks to the ergonomic slant design, you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

When you use the headphones, the light is off, which I’d appreciate. I don’t like breathing lights or flashes.

Although the headphones aren’t gorgeous, they don’t look cheap at all. You won’t find them obtrusive because of their small size.

QCY T1C r 


The headset quickly connects to the phone. When you use QCY T1C for the first time, pairing is necessary. Which is less convenient than AirPods which have W1 chip. Later, each time you pick up the headset, the connection is established as soon as you put it in the ear.

As for the stability, the connection is still smooth even there is a wall between your device and T1C headphones. With more obstacles, the signals will be interrupted. It is not easy to find such a pair of Bluetooth headphones at a low cost. I assume that such an excellent performance is owed to the Realtek Bluetooth chip.

As for the daily use, the Bluetooth headphones are satisfying: no interruption of signals, no latency, no out-sync. The sound comes out from both earbuds, and you don’t need to worry about the stability of the connection. Additionally, you can use the earbuds separately.

However, you’ll have a problem with switching between different devices. If you only connect the headphones to one device, then, leave out this part. I use a MacBook, an iPhone, an iPad, and find it quite troublesome. Other Bluetooth headphones have the same problem, so it is not a downside in the competition. Only Apple’s AirPods and a few Beats wireless headphones allow you to switch between different Apple devices rapidly. Each time you switch to another Apple device, you should disconnect the headphones from the device you use, and then select T1C in settings of the device that you want to connect. To get a seamless connection, you have to choose AirPods or Beats headphones. In this way, the headphones cost you at least $600 at a discount, way more expensive than $20.

Sound quality

I came across the word, “Headphones under $1500 are for sound instead of music” and got confused. Therefore, I didn’t think the headphones around $20 would go beyond my expectations. However, when I played music with QCY T1C for the first time, I was surprised at the beautiful sound. The low frequency was detailed and flexible, both medium frequency and high frequency were not so clear but excellent as well. Although, its frequency response range is narrower than my Sony headphones. Overall, I won’t get tired of the sound. I can assure you that QCY T1C headphones offer better sound quality than other headphones at the same price range.

Considering the price, you can’t ask for more, such as aptX, aptX HD, LDAC. The headphones support AAC and SBC formats (the former is superior to the latter). Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled devices support AAC audio format, for those devices which don’t support AAC, users have no choice but SBC, making a compromise.

As for the sound quality during a phone call, the person with whom you talk can’t hear you well if you’re in noisy environments, because your voice is mixed with ambient sounds and the microphone can’t pick up each word. The call quality is better in a quiet environment, whereas the ground noise is obvious, suppressing your voice. Furthermore, your sound will be monophonic, come out from the right if your interlocutor wears headphone. We can infer that the advertised “HD call, noise canceling, and stereo sound” are limited, as you can hear the stereo sound from others, but your voice is torturing their eardrums.

Apart from the problem with microphone pickup, the algorithm also leads to a lack of record. These are the only functional shortcomings. I hope that QCY will fix the issues as soon as possible. Thus, using Bluetooth headphones to make phone calls is not a good idea.

Battery life

First of all, here is the answer to a frequently asked question about iOS compatibility. The headphones work with the iOS system, supports display of battery level (±10% accuracy).

I have been using QCY T1C headphones for almost two weeks. During this period, I used them intermittently, about 1 – 2 hours each time, and the battery has never gone out of juice. To test the battery life, I played music continuously after fully charging both earbuds. The music lasted 4 hours and 22 minutes, which was impressive.

It only took 38 minutes to charge the left earbud fully; about 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge the primary earbud (the right one). The left one consumed less power than the right one. In Stereo Mode, the battery life follows the Cannikin Law. In other words, it depends on the earbud, which drains battery faster. During my test, the earbud will give out the “low battery” prompt.

The battery capacity of the earphone holder is 380mAh; that of the earphone is 43mAh. After 100% charged, the earphone holder can charge the earphones over four times. If not used for over ten hours a day, they can work perfectly for a week without charging. Normally, when the earbuds are charging, the red lights turn on; once they complete charging, the lights turn white and then turn off in a minute. Although the charging speed is not fast, the issue is minor for me. Generally, I put back the earbuds to the holder after use. Additionally, when I need to use them, they are full of electric power.

QCY T1C r​ 


After all, QCY T1C is a pair of in-ear headphones. When you use it for the first time, don’t forget to choose the appropriate ear tip for your ears. The size fits my ears well. The ear canal clamps the end of the earbud. In addition to its lightness, the earbud won’t fall off. I often shake my head when wearing it during running; both stay at the same place. Thus, they can be used as sports headphones.

Some small details

The holder doesn’t have a cover. Although the headphones won’t fall off, on the surface, dust will build up. What’s worse, a speck of dust looks evident against the black color. Fortunately, the holder doesn’t have small slots, so you can remove the dust by wiping.

Incidentally, I’ve found that the plastic material of both the holder and headphones is not scratch-resistant. There are scratches left at the center of the holder because I often take them up and put them back. I can’t help worrying that its appearance might not stand up to time.

Well, the easiest solution is buying a new pair.

I’ve finished. If you read every word from the beginning to the end, I’d appreciate your patience. If possible, please click the applause button before you quit the page. Thanks a lot!

On the contrary, if you aren’t patient enough to finish reading, at least look at the time-saving verdict below. The conclusion is for you who think highly of efficiency.


At present, this Bluetooth headset is unrivaled among true wireless headsets under $30. Except for its microphone which can’t pick up sound enough, it excels in all aspects. Go for it without worries!

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