QCY T3 review: Budget Bluetooth earphones with AirPods-style design and touch control operations

ByTown Kassis 2019-09-03 8797

The QCY T3 is the first QCY headphones with an elongated design, inspired by Apple AirPods. On the positive side, they have a long 6-hour battery life and a good quality hands-free microphone. However, they only have one size of earpads, which can penalize the sound quality if you do not fit perfectly.

QCY T3 design 

QCY T3 design

● Elongated shape, similar to AirPods

● Tactile controls don't work too well

The QCY T3 is the first QCY-branded headphones to mimic the shape of Apple AirPods. Until now, their most popular models, the T1C and T2C, had a more rounded and compact design.

The new design means that the T3 is not an in-ear headset so it barely blocks outside noise. Nor are they exactly like AirPods because T3s have a pad and need to be pressed lightly to fit snugly. It could be said that they are a middle ground between the two types.

One thing that has surprised me is that they don't bring different sized earpads to better fit all types of ears. And this is a problem.

We don't all have ears of the same size and shape; and in many cases the T3s won't fit well in the ear; which worsens the sound quality, makes it harder to use the touch controls, and makes them more uncomfortable because they move with use.

In my case, I usually use medium sized earpads on other headphones. And in the T3 I notice that they don't fit perfectly, they are a little out and they dance to me. In a normal use being seated, walking, etc. does not suppose any problem and they are quite comfortable, but if I do exercise they move too much and I have to be placing them every time.

I don't recommend them for running or for use in the gym. I'm not saying that they don't work, but for those uses I prefer smaller, more compact headphones; and that they fit better.

QCY T3 touch control operation

The QCY T3 incorporates touch controls on the long side of the headphones:

● Double press to pause or play.

● Press and hold for 2 seconds to skip the song. In the left earphone we will go to the previous song, in the right to the next one.

● Touch the earphones for 3 times to activate the voice assistant 

● Slide up on the earphone to turn up the volume and slide down to turn down the volume     

Here is a more detailed QCY T3 instruction

QCY T3 design​ 

The biggest advantage of the QCY T3 earphones is that in this way the QCY T3 microphone is closer to the mouth than with rounded designs. This makes the quality of the handsfree much better than the other models in this price range. The voice is transmitted clearly indoors and can even be used relatively comfortably outdoors.

In terms of connectivity they use Bluetooth V5.0 protocol and are able to use the SBC and AAC codecs. They have a lag of about 0.2 seconds. So they can be used to watch videos, although the most demanding will notice a bit of delay.

QCY T3 audio

● Good media

● Bad adjustment penalizes bass

The main problem of the T3, with respect to sound, is that it depends to a great extent on how the headphones fit to our ear; and since the T3 come with only one pad of one size, the result is not always optimal.

As I said, in this case the T3 doesn't fit me perfectly and I get a little loose. This makes the sound have a very weak bass. Actually, they do have bass, because if I press the headphones inwards with my finger they get better, but logically it's not very practical.

Voices and midtones, such as guitars, are a bit loud, clear and have a good level of detail.

The QCY T3 has a good dynamic range and the highs go quite high keeping a certain warmth, as long as we keep the volume below 60-70%. From there they become too hard and can distort a bit.

To give you an idea, the T3 sound is a bit more natural and balanced than Haylou GT1 or Redmi AirDots, as long as they fit well.

If not, the basses are very absent and the sound is somewhat dull and lacking in strength. Also, keep in mind that they do not block the sound outside, so I do not recommend them for use in environments such as the bus or train.

QCY T3 autonomy

● Excellent autonomy of up to 6 hours of playback

The larger size of the T3 has allowed QCY T3 to introduce a significantly larger battery than in its previous models.

Each T3 headset has an internal 60 mAh battery, while the T1C and T2C have 43 mAh batteries. Thanks to this the autonomy of the QCY T3 is exceptional for such cheap headphones, reaching 6 hours of playback at medium/low volumes. About 5 hours at medium volume.

An excellent figure as most of the headphones in this price range have a range between 2.5 hours and 4 hours.

The T3 box has a 600 mAh battery that allows the headphones to be fully charged about 4 times. So in total we can use the headphones about 24 hours before having to charge the box again.


From my point of view the QCY T3 are only recommended if you are going to listen to them indoors or if what matters most to you is that the microphone is of good quality.

The truth is that, even if they don't fit perfectly, they are quite comfortable to use for many hours in environments with little noise, since they don't squeeze anything in the ear.

For me they are ideal for background music when I use the computer. So, in a quiet environment, I don't mind if they don't isolate from the outside and when I listen to them at low volume and with relaxed music I also don't notice the lack of bass and I take advantage of the great autonomy of the battery.

Of course, I don't recommend them for use on the street, whether on public transport or in the gym.

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