Raspberry Pi 4: estimate on the release date, price, specs, features

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Raspberry Pi 4, which succeeds the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, but how long will it take them to get there?

  Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi has revolutionized the world of low-cost computing, allowing each individual to create their own computer with just a $35 investment. The microcomputer is about the size of a credit card with the existence of sensors and peripherals as well as other supplements to make it work as a complete computer.

Release and availability date of the Raspberry Pi 4

When the Raspberry Pi 3 was launched, its inventor, Eben Upton, told IT Pro that the minimum lifetime of the small computer would be 3 years, mainly due to the fact that the company has reached the 40nm limits of the manufacturing process. This means that the new and important update of the Raspberry Pi should not be expected before 2019 at the earliest.

It is even likely that the release of the new Rapsberry Pi 4 will be postponed beyond that date, given that the Foundation has indeed reached the limits of what could have been done using the 40 nm manufacturing process. However, Upton does not give up and even said "we will get there, eventually"

However, this did not stop Upton and company in making an update of Pi 3 just 2 years later. With improved connectivity and optimized watch speed, the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ was a mid-generation update that surprised everyone and proved to be an excellent addition to the Raspberry Pi family.

Unfortunately, however, this does not mean that the Raspberry Pi 4 is on the horizon soon. We haven't heard anything about the release of a potential successor to the Rapsberry Pi 3 B+, so it seems we won't see one until 2019 at the earliest, and even later.  It is also important to note that during this time, the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has improved significantly in terms of performance compared to its predecessors, thanks to the improvement in its energy capacity, and that the company is still facing the technical limits of 40nm of manufacturing.

When the Raspberry Pi 4 arrives, fans will have to act quickly, with each release of each new Raspberry Pi, the product has had to face massive demand and the rapid flow of their initial stock of products, and it is almost certain that the Raspberry Pi 4 will also have the same effect. It is also expected that future buyers will receive a notice on the number of products they can order each time in order to avoid potential scalpers.

Specifications and features of the Raspberry Pi 4

Given the problems with the development of the Raspberry Pi 4, no words about the technical specifications that will characterize the Raspberry Pi 4 have been blown out. In addition, the company is struggling to find ways to optimize its performance with the current 40 nm, that it is more than likely that we will face a change in manufacturing processes capable of offering a more active silicone.

For the features, the Raspberry Pi 3+ already has an excellent Bluetooth and Wifi connection, it is unlikely that we will see any updates to these connectivities. You can also hope that the basic form remains the same, as the team has focused more on the interoperability of the Pi generations.

It is at the port level that we will see real change. For example, Thunderbolt 3-compatible USB Type-C ports will support data, power and video transfer. This means that one of the USB-C ports will be able to perform all the work of each input you will find on Pi 3. They are also smaller than the full version of the Type-A USB ports, which will make the Raspberry Pi 4 even more compact.

Price of the Raspberry Pi 4

The main reason why the original version of the Raspberry Pi 4 was sold at a very affordable price was that it was intended to be accessible to parents whose children wanted to enter the computer world. This statement is still the core of all the missions of the Raspberry Pi Foundation made, which makes us hope that no price increase will be in effect with the Raspberry Pi 4. Its creator, Eben Upton, was very firm in wanting to keep its price as close as possible to $35.

That being said, you won't mind adding a little extra when the Pi 4 comes out, because it will happen with a few things in addition to the machine itself. All accessories such as keyboards, cables or storage bags should be purchased separately.

Fortunately, retailers like The Pi Hut, Pimoroni and RS Components will probably have already prepared complete packages with everything you need. However, be warned, these packs are based on requests as with other Pi generations, and that requests will still exceed offers. This means that there will not be enough for everyone, and you will only be able to buy one part per purchase to be able to give to each buyer.

About Raspberry Pi 3 B model

The Raspberry Pi 3 was developed by the former staff of Cambrigde University, led by Eben Upton, who created computers for children to try programming. It was a very good idea for schools and other educational institutions because of the very low cost of its investment and the ease of use of its interface.

But it is not only teachers who have been attracted by the simplicity of the Raspberry Pi. Hackers, programmers and other experimental technicians rushed to this little wonder in order to be able to create their own computers themselves without having to invest in high-tech computer equipment.

 Since its launch in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has evolved significantly. The latest version released was the Raspberry Pi Zero, an even smaller version than the previous versions. It is ideal for powering a robot and all the other small objects that need a computer to operate.

Despite the fact that the Raspberry Foundation focuses mainly on innovative work, people are asking for even more, and the launch of the Raspberry Pi, which has generated a lot of rumours, is just around the corner. So when will it be launched and what can we expect? Read to find out....



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