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Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: full comparison

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-27 44541

Redmi AirDots, QCY T1 and Xiaomi Haylou GT1 are three TWS wireless earphones with low prices. What are the differences between them and which is better? Let’s have a look.

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: package

Redmi AirDots

 QCY T1  

 Xiaomi Haylou GT1

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: Appearance

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1

Haylou GT11 charging box is the best, Redmi charging box is slightly inferior, QCY T1 is the ugliest, headphones feel Redmi is better than hey, QCY is still the ugliest.


Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: Material

The material of Redmi AirDots is the best, the integrity of the box is better, the lid is different from the box, the lid sloshing is very small, the lid has a certain damping, the lid is magnetic enough, there is a kind of thick feeling and satisfaction in closing the box. I feel like I can play with the lid for half a day. 

Haylou GT1 charging box looks the best, but in fact there is no texture in the hand, the lid is not damped, the magnetism is relatively weak, the box is light, and there is no feeling in the headphone suction trough. The magnetism is not very strong. It has something to do with the fact that most of the headphones aren't in the slot. 

The magnetism of the QCY T1 charging box is still very strong, and it is not easy to throw it out, but I do not know if it will be firmly absorbed if it falls from a high place, and it is better to feel that it is better to have the lid of the box. 

The headphone material Redmi is also better, the headphone silicone plug, looks better than hey and QCY, the whole headset assembly Redmi is the most neat, almost no askew, qcy is the roughest, the edge is not aligned the most obvious, hey, slightly inferior to Redmi, There are also qcy metal contacts, although the largest, but the worst, the contact material is also worse than Redmi and hey, now there is obvious oxidation, and there is no depression, often contact with skin and sweat, the oxidation may be more serious in the future. Once I took it off and put it in a box and still played a song. I moved it for a while before I stopped. In addition, it is said that someone's Redmi headphones crack as soon as they fall. I don't know if I've ever fallen. I don't know if I feel that qcy should be more resistant to falling.

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: Sound quality

Qcy T1: should be the best of the three. It is estimated that it will be 10-20% better than Redmi. It is said that aac has a bonus, but I use Xiaomi mobile phone development mode to switch between aac and sbc. There is no obvious difference. 

Haylou GT1: because qcy has acc mystical bonus feeling slightly inferior to qcy, actual feeling difference is not small. 

Redmi AirDots: the sound quality is the worst, but there is nothing wrong with listening to the sound on a daily basis, mainly because the bass and treble are not restored very well, such as the drum and cymbals in the accompaniment and the treble part of the guitar. I feel badly distorted. I can't tell what kind of instrument it is. The alto voice is OK, in addition, I just started to write those feelings, after listening to too much, I do not know whether to boil or listen to the habit, but the high and low notes are still not as good as the other two.

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: Game delay

It doesn't feel obvious, it's all about half a second, and it doesn't affect much. In addition, some people say that QCY default AAC, basically has no delay in watching video, chicken eating is delayed by about 1 second, and the coding is changed to sbc. Basically, there was no delay in eating chicken, because I played with iphone and iPhone didn't seem to support AAC,. I also used Xiaomi's mobile phone to try to set it to sbc, after turning it on for developers to debug. The default is aac setting sbc, and then reconnecting to aac, Redmi and hey can't change aac to sbc all the time.

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: Comfort

Haylou GT1 is the lightest, the smallest size, the most sleek appearance, so the most comfortable belt does not feel much. The Redmi AirDots is slightly inferior, the QCY T1 is not very comfortable at first, after taking it off for a long time, some slight distension and pain, take a few more times also feel a little weak, may need to slowly adapt to this size.

Redmi AirDots vs QCY T1 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1: Bluetooth connection

The quality of qcy connection is the best, probably because the circuit board antenna is large, it seems that there is no disconnection. 

Haylou GT1: sometimes has a broken left ear, and it's not a simple break. If you listen to the sound, you know the signal is bad. If you want to break it, sometimes you can cover your left ear with your hand, and sometimes you won't, but you can even recover on your own. 

Redmi AirDots, sometimes has a broken left ear, a wall apart, sometimes both headphones break, covering the left ear with your hand will break, and even if you break it, you can recover on your own.


Haylou GT1 touch control is not very easy to use, easy to touch, sometimes can not find the position, or insensitive, touch several times do not respond, connect sometimes the left ear is broken, but can recover on their own, the sound quality may be slightly inferior to the qcy, wearing comfort, More suitable for people with small ears, the box looks good, but the texture is not strong. 

Redmi AirDots, material is better, the sound quality is not very good but meet the daily use, suitable for people who are not sensitive to sound quality, the connection is sometimes broken off the left ear, but can restore their own, wearing comfort is slightly inferior to hey, the box is quite textured, When pressing a button, it is recommended to hold your thumb with your index finger to press it. 

The appearance of QCY T1, is not very good, the sound quality is better than the other two, it is not comfortable to wear, there is no disconnection, you can not quickly separate the left and right headphones at the beginning, you can remember that the charging port is facing you. It's easy to slide your headphones into the empty space with your thumb. Switching to sbc in developer mode is recommended for Android games so that there is no delay

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