Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: What are the differences between them?

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-26 16830

Xiaomi has launched two true wireless headphones in a row: Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition and Redmi AirDots. Similar name, almost consistent appearance, color one white and one black. Millet costs 200 yuan (199 yuan) and Redmi sells for 100 yuan (99.9 yuan).What is the difference between these two Bluetooth headphones? Is it worth doubling the price difference? Is the price of 99.9 yuan "really fragrant"? 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Specs

First of all, let's take a look at the comparison of the specific parameters of the two headphones. 

Product name

Redmi AirDots

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Bluetooth version


Bluetooth protocol


Charging box capacity

300 mAh

Single Earphone capacity

40 mAh

Charging box size

62*40*27.2 mm

62*42*26 mm

Earphone size

26.5*16.4*21.6 mm

23*14.5*13 mm

Single Earphone Weight

4.1 g

4.2 g

Product weight

35.4 g

39 g

In terms of parameters, the headphones are basically the same. It is also very similar in design. Perhaps it is afraid that consumers will not be able to distinguish, Xiaomi just used the black and white contrast between the two colors to make a distinction. 


Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Appearence

The charging boxes of both headphones use the old microUSB Jack, and it is almost sincere that the Type-C interface has almost been unified in 9102. However, this is not a big problem, after all, even the upgraded version of the Apple AirPods, still comes with the Lightning interface, which seems to have no advantage today and is purely for the purpose of cheating money. However, only Xiaomi AirDots youth version comes with a Type-A USB port to microUSB charging line, while the lower price Redmi AirDots, box comes with instructions and two sets of ear caps of different sizes, no charging wire. 


Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Visible, in Redmi AirDots, Xiaomi has been compressed to the last point of profit, it can be described as penny-pinching. Even if the main play "easy to use not expensive" performance-to-price ratio of Xiaomi, but also in 100 yuan on the squeeze out of what water. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the charging box white lid covered with translucent plastic cover, in the middle of the millet logo. The whole frosted box looks very low-key, and the translucent lid adds a unique sense of design, making the whole charging box visually more hierarchical. 

In terms of the size of the charging box, it is not suitable to be placed directly in the trouser pocket. Apple AirPods charging box is 21mm thick, 6mm thinner than Xiaomi AirDots charging box, and it is obvious to put it in your trouser pocket. This is naturally not a problem for girls who go out to carry their bags, and boys who like to be empty-handed have no place to put them when they don't have a few pockets in the summer. 

The Redmi AirDots charging box looks a little simpler, has no extra decoration, and is stamped with Xiaomi's logo on the lid of the box. The whole body is also a frosted texture, which does not seem to be so cheap to feel. 

Compared with the two headphone charging boxes, as a result of Xiaomi AirDots youth version of a set of heavier, slightly more texture. At the same time, because the Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition of the charging box lid is double, when opening and closing obviously feel a better feel. After opening the lid, the rotating shaft between the Xiaomi AirDots youth charging box and the lid is moderately damped and does not shake with the box shaking; the Redmi AirDots is loose and feels like a cheap toy. 

In fact, the 100 yuan price difference is reflected in all aspects of Redmi AirDots. Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the inner and outer material of silicone, feel soft; Redmi AirDots is the same plastic as the shell, the same is true of the inner material of earplugs. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition


The earplugs of the two headphones are very similar in design. The main difference is that the higher price of Xiaomi AirDots youth version uses the touch operation mode, so it uses translucent plastic shell to wrap the outside of earplugs; On the other hand, the Redmi AirDots earplugs use a solid button on the side, shaking the earplugs and not hearing the sound of the key shaking. 

The earplugs of the two headphones are similar in weight and are designed to fit in. A single weight of about 4.2g is comfortable to wear and is used to not feeling the presence of earplugs at all. In-the-ear design has also greatly enhanced the security of wearing, even if many "can not hang" AirPods earplugs "non-standard" ears, but also can rest assured and bold to use. 

Neither headset is waterproof, strictly speaking, does not belong to the category of sports headphones, but also to prevent sweat from flowing into the earplugs. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Connection

At the beginning of the use of pairing, are basically stupid experience.Of course, on iOS, you can't enjoy the AirPods's highest treatment of open box automatic pairing and system animation support, or you need to go into the "Bluetooth" setting to connect manually. 

Both headphones are designed with "right earplugs as the main and left earplugs as the auxiliary", but both earplugs can be manipulated.Take it out of the charging box for the first time and wait about 15 seconds. The left and right earplugs will be matched automatically. You can also judge the success of the left and right earplugs according to the flashing white LED. Then you can use your mobile phone Bluetooth to connect to the earplugs on the right. 

Whether it is left and right earplugs pairing or matching with mobile phones, the two headphones are very good performance, a successful, and relatively stable. There is no inexplicable disconnection in the course of use. Xiaomi AirDots youth version in the left and right earplugs pairing and Bluetooth connection will be successful when there will be prompt sound plus voice playback, while Redmi AirDots only prompt tone.

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Comfort

In terms of comfort, the two are the same. I am used to using a medium earplug cap and walking out on the road without feeling burdensome. And because of the stability brought by the ear type, you no longer have to straighten your headphones frequently when you walk, take a trot across the road, and you don't have to worry about shaking your earplugs off. Good! 

Friends who believe their ears can't hold their regular headphones must feel the same way. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Operation

However, both earplugs have basic interactive functions, such as clicking to get on the phone, or double-clicking to bring up a voice assistant. Although the keystrokes on the Redmi AirDots earplugs feel crisp and sensitive, it still takes a little effort to trigger, to put it bluntly, it's like pushing your earplugs in. Especially when double-clicking, the experience is very poor. This is an unavoidable problem with physical keystrokes, and this is why any earplugs with physical keystrokes are not recommended. On the other hand, Xiaomi AirDots can trigger the function with a touch of the button, elegant and comfortable. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Sound quality

In recent years, Bluetooth headphones have attached great importance to sound quality. Qualcomm, as a provider of overall smartphone solutions, has also launched a series of Bluetooth headset sound quality improvement technologies. The latest technology is aptX Adaptive, which is similar to VBR (Variable Bit Rate, dynamic bit rate in the process of audio compression, which automatically adjusts the content compression ratio of audio transmission, so as to automatically balance the problems of delay and sound quality. For example, in games and interactive applications, sacrifice part of the sound quality to reduce the delay as much as possible; in video and audio playback, the use of aptX HD technology to ensure better sound quality. 

However, on these two headphones, only the AptX HD technology is supported, and it also needs to be used with Qualcomm Snapdragon phones, so iOS will not be able to do so. The aptX AdapTIve technology mentioned earlier does not seem to have been followed up by any mobile phone manufacturer. After all, the technology is downward compatible and can be used without changing headphones. In the development of true wireless headphones, the strategy of each manufacturer is to find a way to enhance the sound quality, and then solve the problem of delay. 

Both headphones use the 7.2mm sound unit, but the sound quality is quite different. There is no doubt that Redmi AirDots is "listen to a sound", there is no bright spot in Pingchuan, high school bass kneaded together. Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the sound quality significantly improved, it strengthened the performance of the alto and treble, sound more transparent and clear, but the bass performance is general, there is no diving, there is no sense of shock. This kind of performance is very good to listen to people's voices, such as pop music. 

In terms of sound quality, both headphones have special DSP chips to exclude external sounds, so as to provide better voice quality as much as possible. When the two headphones are wearing to make a phone call, both earplugs sound, and the microphone has a good radio effect, and there is still a good ambient sound exclusion on the side of the road where the general traffic is like weaving. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Delay

Apple is more aggressive in research and development to reduce headphone latency, while the two headphones are more obvious in terms of latency, and the two headphones are delayed at the same level. 

Whether it is connected to iOS devices or Android devices, the delay is about 500ms. The most obvious delay in daily use is during the keyboard typing phase. If the user sets the input method keyboard to press there will be a sound (such as the default sound of the iOS keyboard), you can feel the obvious delay, as if the keyboard does not follow the hand. 

The delay in the game is even more obvious, and the method of determining orientation by listening to gunshots is basically ineffective. 

In video and audio playback, the system can automatically delay the screen to make up for this delay, but can not do so in the game. So if you're playing a game, don't think about Bluetooth wireless headphones for the time being. 

In addition, in the operation, there is also a certain delay, mainly reflected in the double-click to call out the voice assistant, double-click earplugs, but also have to wait for 500ms about to hear the response of the voice assistant. 

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Battery life

The earplugs of the two headphones are used for more than 4 hours, with the charging box, basically listening to music can reach about 12 hours, consistent with the publicity. 

Now, whether it's iOS or Android or Windows 10, you can visually view the remaining power of Bluetooth devices. However, it is not possible to check the remaining power of the charging box, so it is still necessary to develop a good tradition of inserting the charging box before going to bed. 

View the remaining power of the Bluetooth device through the iOS Battery widget. 

In addition, the power of the Bluetooth device can also be viewed through the upper right corner of the iOS control center. 


As a "trial bought with money", Redmi AirDots basically achieved the desired goal. With a Xiaomi sign, but there's nothing special about it. On the contrary, the 200yuan Xiaomi AirDots youth version is more exquisite, improving the experience in all aspects. Even for touch operation, it is worth considering. 

So these two products, if this is the first time to experience this kind of true wireless headset, can consider 99.9 yuan Redmi AirDots; If you want to use a lower price to buy a real wireless headphones that can still be used for a long time, or consider Xiaomi AirDots youth version of it, the extra 100 yuan, or value for money. 

In fact, Bluetooth headphones are far from meeting the real needs of consumers. Sound quality and delay are still important reasons that prevent many consumers from choosing Bluetooth headphones. Qualcomm, Apple, Sony and other manufacturers are trying to further promote the progress of Bluetooth headphones and the whole wireless headset technology, Bluetooth headphones are still in the stage of rapid development. Therefore, consumers do not have to buy a high-grade "family heirloom" with "smashing pot and selling iron", buy one at a lower cost, wait for this rapidly developing technology to be relatively mature, and do not lose a consumption strategy. 

So, the Redmi AirDots is better?

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