Redmi laptop has passed Bluetooth certification: equipped with Intel processor

ByFelicity Rosa 2019-05-16 717

Xiaomi Redmi 's new 855 dragon machine has been announced to name the K20 series. However, Redmi is not planning to stop at the mobile phone business. It has already introduced washing machine products, and now the Redmi laptop may not be far away.

Bluetooth Certification

Xiaomi Redmi 14 -inch laptop first exposure

Now, a suspected laptop product called "RedmiBook 14" appears on the Bluetooth Certification page . The page shows its model number is XMA1901-XX , with Intel processor and Bluetooth 5.0 support .

Although there are no other parameters, the "14" in the product name obviously means that its size is 14 inches. It is estimated that it will be equipped with a 1080P resolution IPS screen. If the Redmi really launches such a notebook product, I believe it will be very expensive in price. It is easy to accept, after all, it is the brand that pursues the ultimate price / performance ratio.


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