Redmi Y3 main specs exposed

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There is not much left for the phone Redmi Y3, which will be part of the product range of the new Subbrand of Xiaomi, is a reality in the market. Well, we have known several of the most important features that this model will be part of the average product range.

The truth is that this model has been published several details, even has leaked a video in which you can see how the design of the Redmi Y3 (possibly the REDMI S3 in Europe), but its characteristics did not have very specific data so far. This has changed, as the results obtained in the Geekbench performance test have appeared, in which two of the essential components that will integrate: your processor and the amount of RAM memory can be seen perfectly.

The truth is that the application that we speak is one of the most important that currently exist to know details of the potential performance of a device, especially what has to do with the execution of applications related to the processor and RAM . The case is that the scores are expected for a model destined to the market segment that we have indicated before and, in addition, there is an additional detail that is important: the Redmi Y3 will arrive with Android operating system Pie, which is good news and will not lack The usual development that is included in the terminals of Xiaomi called MIUI.

The main hardware to be included in the REDMI Y3

As has been known, the processor that will be part of the phone we're talking about will be a Snapdragon 625, an eight-core SoC that uses a 506 GPU. This component offers a maximum working frequency that reaches 2 GHz, and allows for Quick Charge 3.0 wireless load support. Therefore, at first it is a solvent component so that it does not clash in the average product range and maintains the level of the REDMI 7 that are already on the market.


In what has to do with RAM, the amount of the model that has passed the performance test is 3 GB, but it is normal that there are versions that offer a Giga more to be the user who decides what is best suited to their needs and Fits into your pocket. By the way, something that is expected of the REDMI Y3 is that it includes a battery of 4,000 mAh, which in principle would mean that the autonomy will be very good taking into account the components that we have indicated.

Some additional information regarding this smartphone has to do with the main camera that will include, which is an element with two sensors where the main will be 32 MPx Samsung and, the secondary, the normal is that it is 5 megapixels and performs functions of telephoto. By the way, the resolution mass will have the component destined to make selfies.


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