Redmi's Flagship Killer K20 will launch on May 28, earlier than Honor 20

ByZim Watson 2019-05-20 591

After a good period of preheating and exposure, Redmi's valiant Dragon 855 flagship--REDMI K20 finally set the launch time. As we predicted, REDMI K20 will preempt the launch of the 20-nation conference, which is finally scheduled for May 28.

In fact, since the confirmation of Redmi K20's name, people have believed that it is aimed at glory 20, and its positioning and release time just formed a good counterpoint with glory 20.At the same time, the name of "K20" is the same as the Slogan given by Redmi, which honors "overall K.O." 20. After all, there was no "K" series in Redmi before. This time, "K" stands for "Killer" and it jumps to "20" directly. Officially, though, learning marketing from Huawei is like Shouting from afar.

In terms of configuration, the Redmi K20 is likely to have a version of the K20 Pro, which will be powered by the snapdragon 855 mobile platform with a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen. The camera combination is rear 48 million +13 million +8 million three shot and front 20 million lens. It's worth noting that the Redmi K20 also USES the popular up-down front-facing design with the front-facing lens in the upper left corner, which greatly increases the screen share. It will also have a built-in 3600mAh battery and 27W quick-charge, which will be guaranteed for another 18 months.

In addition, it is said that Redmi will also bring laptop computer product RedmiBook 14 on the launch day. It is expected that RedmiBook 14 will also be matched with the honor MagicBook, and the price and positioning should be close to the honor MagicBook. There's no doubt that Redmi's upcoming product is a bit of a glory shot. As for the price, the more cost-effective Redmi K20 is expected to be set at around 2,500 yuan, which will indeed become a number of flagship, or even its own mi 9 "killer".


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