Review: Xiaomi Air 13

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Your affordable Macbook killer - Xiaomi Air 13 laptop. Xiaomi's stunning Air laptop has caught everyone's eyes. It's a winner.

From our point of view, Xiaomi Air 13 is incredibly seductive for its low cost. And while it directly competes with the new Lenovo Air 13 Pro, we can confidently proclaim that the Xiaomi Air 13 is most definitely worth buying.


A Stunning Design

First of all, Xiaomi Air 13 has an outstanding appearance, with a bold unibody form factor.

Compared to the MacBook Air 13, the metal layer is relatively thin, allowing the weight to be reduced to just 1.28kg (the MacBook Air 13 weighs 1.35kg).

The impact and benefit of the lightweight design for the user experience is very clear, especially for those who enjoy portability, such as students, commuters, etc.


Seeing is believing

The screen adopts special OGS technology, allowing this notebook to be even thinner with a sleek profile. In particular, the aesthetic appearance from the front is greatly improved because of this brimless design.

The edge-to-edge glass covering the display scores an impressive 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. In comparison, the popular Gorilla Glass 3 scores 6.8.

The 13.3” FHD display pops when it comes to colors, contrast and brightness. Multimedia looks rich and vivid and this adds a lot to the overall experience.

Lightweight and exquisite

Because the screen uses 5.59mm ultra narrow bezel, this effect is stronger than the Apple MacBook Air 13. The ultra-narrow bezel greatly helps to reduce the body size to 309.6 x 210.9 x 14.8mm.



As a whole, Xiaomi Air 13 is quite excellent without any critical shortcomings. The workmanship and materials are very sophisticated.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that this is the first notebook product for Xiaomi. The distinctive Xiaomi design language is present and, together with good overall performance, makes it easy to recommend for the vast majority of users. 

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