【Reviews】 Corsair Qi protocol wireless charging mouse and mouse pad

BySteve Lowry 2018-05-07 5216

Last year, the Corsair has exposed the MM1000 wireless charging mouse pad and the DARK CORE SE mouse. It is considered as a concept product. Nowadays, the MM1000 and the DARK CORE SE have been placed on me.

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It is in front of my eyes   

Different from similar products released recently, the Corsair’s support for Qi wireless charging protocol means that this mouse pad can not only provide power for the mouse, but also can be used as a wireless charging board, but similar products can only be a mouse. Power supply, this is an essential difference. The DARK CORE SE mouse can be used independently from the MM1000 mouse pad, and it can be combined with the K63 wireless version.



Obviously, the wireless mouse is better equipped with wireless charging. The Corsair made many unusual innovations in this package, so that you have a new understanding of wireless charging. Do not talk about nonsense, then let's take a look at how these two products.

Immediately open the box

Corsair MM1000 and DARK CORE SE are packaged separately in two packages because both products can be used independently. The packaging still uses the classic design of the Corsair, and the black main colors are adorned with yellow edges. The mouse pad accessories are also printed on it.


In fact, the inside of the mouse pad package is very simple, an irregular edge of the mouse pad and the package described accessories are lying quietly inside.

Qi wireless charging board itself comes with a Micro USB interface, and the two charging heads that come with it can be switched to Type-C and Apple charging heads. Obviously, these two adapters are designed for mobile phones.


Relatively more mouse accessories, including a mouse, Micro USB to USB one, for extension cable to extend USB transceiver use. The right side of the modular replaceable finger support one USB data cable.

The design style of the mouse itself is very fighting, and the lines on the body are like an armored soldier. In order to strengthen the brand, the mouse palm RGB backlight LOGO is essential, and adapter and USB transceiver also has a deep Corsair imprint.


There is a separate area on the upper left side of the mouse pad for branching and installing the main control and USB HUB, and there is an LED on the outside to indicate the working status of the charging board. The only part of the mouse pad that can be charged is in the right circle. This function is not available in other parts.

The front side of the mat is made of large-grained matte resin. The grain on the hand is very heavy. The mouse is very smooth on the top and the back is non-slip. The hexagonal lattice soft pad is used, and the anti-slip effect is good.


 Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-and-MM1000-04-1  Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-and-MM1000-04-2


The USB cable connector is still the same style as before, and the cable is also thick and solid, but it looks really crazy when it comes to cable management. The information on the nameplate can be seen that the input current of the entire mouse pad is 900mA*2, which is precisely the current of two USB 3.0s, which means that the maximum output power of the wireless charging board is 9W, and the Qi charging board enclosed in the box is the largest. The output current is 500mA. If it is used for mobile phone charging, it is really a very painful thing. The mobile phone with its own wireless charging function is estimated to be better.


Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-USB-port-05-1  Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-wireless-05-2


The design of the mouse itself is still very beautiful. For the right hand ergonomic design, the left and right two main buttons are split type design, and the feel of the two buttons is designed into two styles. The left side is powerful and the right side is triggered.




The right side skirt of the mouse is made of hard plastic with a surface skin coating. The replaceable side skirts are treated in the same way, but the little finger is added to the support plate. For some of them, they do not want the little finger to be rubbed on the mat. People are a welfare. The thumb area on the left side is frosted rigid plastic, and the lines of the forward and reverse keys are more complex, can assist in anti-slip, the surface of a custom key in the middle is polished, the trigger pressure is also relatively large, and it can be relatively hard when holding.


Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-back-07-1  Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-front-07-2

Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-lfet-07-3  Corsair-DARK-CORE-SE-right-07-4


The mouse's scroll wheel uses a unique pattern of soft rubber. The center button's jog is centered, instead of the traditional side, and feels evenly, but the lower force is very large and it is possible to touch the encoder in error. The left finger rest is a surface-finished hard rubber, and raised granules are used for deep-slip resistance.




The side skirt on the right side of the mouse adopts a modular design, and a side skirt with a little thumb rest is attached inside the mouse. The connection mode is magnetic attraction. As long as you pick up the mouse and press it slightly along the reserved gap, you can squat down. , Put the replacement side skirt directly close to automatically fit. The mouse's cable is a bit thinner than the mouse pad. The surface is braided and the other end is a Micro USB connector, allowing the mouse to operate in wired mode.



Multiple charging ways

Since the mat provided with the mouse pad supports the Qi wireless charging protocol, theoretically all the devices supporting the Qi protocol can be wirelessly charged. The Samsung S9+ and the iPhone X can both be charged normally, and wireless phones that do not support wireless charging are Using the included wireless module can also be used for charging, but the wireless module only supports 5V-500mA specifications, charging some small devices is acceptable, if you give the phone, it may be more trouble.


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For some mobile phones that do not support wireless charging, plugging in the corresponding adapter can be used for charging. However, it is strange that a mobile phone is connected to a long tail. When the wireless charging pad successfully performs wireless charging, there will be a green light prompt and the indicator light in the upper left corner of the mouse pad will flash indicating that the charging is in progress. Similarly, the mouse can be wirelessly charged in the charging area. However, the coil position of the mouse is at the tail, and a more deliberate alignment is required.




Perhaps limited by the chip, the charging area of ​​the mouse pad is only one piece, which should be a common problem in supporting the Qi protocol wireless charging device. Usually, it is very convenient to charge the mouse. When not in use, you can leave it by pushing it in the upper right corner. The mouse charges itself. When you use it, it is OK at any time. It is more convenient than the other types. Wireless mouse. Of course, if you feel boring, you can also play like the above picture, and charge the mouse of other brands. The Teflon foot has been attached to the underside of the charging board so that you can use it without removing the charging board.


Drivers and Experiences

The driver is the soul of a peripheral device. There is no lightweight, easy-to-use driver, and the hardware is powerful. I can easily find this mouse driver from the Corsair's official website and download it. It needs to be said that this mouse pad does not have a driver to support it.

The driver interface is very simple and friendly. The left side is the function area, and the top is the device selection area. After selecting the device that you want to adjust, click the corresponding function block on the left to drill down to the submenu for detailed adjustment.




This mouse supports up to 16000 DPI, can be adjusted in this interface with a minimum of 1 DPI step, a total of three blocks can be selected, through the small button next to the main button on the left side of the mouse to switch, each stall can be individually set DPI value, And can be displayed on the left side with LED lights, LED lights can be adjusted at random, but can not be adjusted individually according to the corresponding gear. The left click button can set the DPI separately, and the lights displayed by the three LEDs when pressed can be individually adjusted. The status indication is obvious.

Although both of them can be used independently, but from the point of view of functional cooperation, regardless of the lack of experience is not complete, so we recommend that you buy a package. The function of the mouse is indeed powerful enough, and the delicate handling of the surface makes the grip feel a step higher. Although the shape of the mouse can not be considered large, but if you want to press all the buttons, the size of the palm of the Asians is still a little worse, the size of the palm of your hand, do not make the touch is not touch the forward button forward of the slam button , so this mouse is more suitable for people with big hands.


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The right side of the finger rest can be replaced when the whole hand to get a more comfortable feel, magnetic suction replacement is relatively simple. The two left and right split main buttons are well-controlled, with a clear and powerful left side and easy triggering on the right side. Also, the trigger pressure of the slamming key is large, and the thumb is held on this key every day. When a force is needed, it can be triggered. Compared to other similar functions of other mouse buttons, it is necessary to move the finger to the specified key individually. It's much easier.

The wireless charging mouse pad can not only charge the mouse, but also can charge all the Qi-compliant devices, which is far more practical than a simple mouse / mouse pad set.

To evaluate a set of products, only the advantages are not complete, and there are still some disadvantages, but they are all places that are not concealed. Although the resin mat is smooth enough, but with a mouse with its own weight of 128g, it cannot be easily disabled. When the mobile stops, if you do not deliberately control, there will be some small jitter, of course, is not the product itself, if the MM1000 The surface material can be double-sided just fine.


In fact, the USB HUB of the MM1000 is directly used with the wireless transceiver of the mouse, and it is not necessary to find another interface. In addition to the use of a receiver, the mouse can also be switched to the Bluetooth mode by a switch on the back side, so that it can be used without a transceiver module. In order to maintain a certain life, the mouse will sleep automatically when it is not used for a period of time. When it is awakened, there is a slight delay of less than one second. In similar products, the wake-up speed is very fast.

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