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When it comes to ViVO, maybe ViVO X21 will in your mind, but there is a low-key ViVO Y85, which’s front face is very similar to the X21, the fuselage back cover design adopts a wear-resistant polymer high-gloss spray coating technology, with a metallic texture, and the overall looks quite high-end, is not like a mobile phone that sells for $251.56 in China.
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As a young smartphone, ViVO Y85 can meet the needs of young people? Especially game requirements? Here are 2 of the most popular mobile games to experience it, take a look at this notch design ViVO Y85 whether can meet our performance needs.


vivo Y85


First have look at basic configuration of ViVO Y85: Eequipped with Qualcomm eight-core processor, it is based on advanced 14nm process manufacturing, CPU frequency up to 1.8GHz, graphics performance increased 71% compared to the previous generation, and comes standard with 4GB RAM, in theory, is smooth enough to run the vast majority of large 3D games on the market. Here's the official test.


Qualcomm's eight-core processor
4 + 32GB / 4 + 64GB
6.26 inch full screen

Enough to cope with daily life

In daily life, we need to use a number of commonly used software such as news, shopping, and cameras. Therefore, it is normal for a dozen or so programs to be hung in the background. I started more than 10 apps by simulating everyday situations and then quickly switched between apps.


You can see, the combination of Qualcomm's eight-core processor and 4GB RAM, the performance of ViVO Y85 is more than enough to open multiple applications at the same time. The application switching is very smooth. Of course, these are just basic skills. The real test of performance is still the game. Here I will test the two popular games - "King of Glory" and "Jedi survival: stimulate battlefield" to watch the actual performance.

Game performance, a little unexpected

On the issue of adaptation that everyone is concerned about, we found that ViVO Y85 has been adapted to notch screens when performing "King of Glory", and the visual effect is indeed more shocking than the ordinary models.


vivo Y85 play game


In terms of performance, in the one-hour King of Glory game, ViVO Y85's frame rate has been able to maintain between 28 ~ 30FPS with a small-scale team battle.

vivo Y85 King of Glory


However, in the large-scale group battle, ViVO Y85 still has some dropped frames, which fluctuate around 24 ~ 26 FPS. However, this does not affect the game, and it is still very smooth in terms of perception.


vivo Y85 King of Glory 2


After 1-hour of King of Glory game, I used a temperature gun to measure the temperature of the ViVO Y85. At room temperature, 25°C, the highest point of it appeared near the camera at 36°C. This heat control is quite good, close to the normal temperature of the human body, so when it touches, there is no obvious feeling of hot.


vivo Y85 tempreture 36


In another mobile game "Jedi survival: stimulate battlefield" with a higher demand for configuration, the ViVO Y85 was a bit of a surprise. At first it was thought that it should be "unplayable" with this mobile game, but the actual performance is a bit out of touch.


vivo Y85 Jedi survival: stimulate battlefield


It can't be said that it was completely smooth, but it also achieved a basic level of smoothness. Whether it is running in the room to search for, or open the mirror to kill, these shots switch more and more frequent scenes, the entire picture can be maintained at a relatively smooth level. Of course, after entering the game, the game's picture settings, default frame settings, and picture quality are all medium level, and it is recommended to adjust to low and smooth settings, which will play a lot smoother.


vivo Y85 tempreture 37


After playing in three games, with the same test method, the temperature of ViVO Y85 was finally measured at 37.2°C, which was still maintained at a good temperature. On the whole, the ViVO Y85 has reached the level of playability in the "Jedi survival: stimulate battlefield".

Battery performance

Of course, for young people, playing games can not only require fluency, battery is also a big problem. In the power consumption test, we will charge it to 100% of the power, respectively playing about 1-hour 3 round "King of Glory" and "Jedi survival: stimulate battlefield" games to record testing result. Due to the 14nm processor technology and 3260mAh battery, using ViVO Y85 to play 1-hour "king of glory" consumes a total of 33% battery, 1-hour of "stimulus battlefield" consumes a total of 42%. This performance said vivo Y85 battery is good should be no one will oppose.


vivo Y85 battery consumption


In addition to the good performance of the game and endurance, the ViVO Y85 Funtouch OS 4.0 also has a built-in game mode that can shield telephones, messages, and other mandatory pop-up suspension notifications to ensure a more immersive gaming experience.


vivo Y85 play game 2


The Vivo Y85 not only has a notch design screen with an aspect ratio of up to 90%, but also has an excellent look and feel. It is also sufficient for daily use in terms of performance and can even achieve good performance in games. If you need a cost-effective mobile phone with enough performance for everyday use and you want to entertain you with a few games, then the vivo Y85 is probably the better choice.


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