【Reviews】 OnePlus 6, this 3 points you need to know!

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On May 17, OnePlus 6 was finally released. There is no doubt that the top processor, full notch screen and the extremely attractive price make OnePlus 6 once again have super high cost performance.
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Appearance: glass has a metallic texture

OnePlus 6 also joined the campaign of glass material, but glass in the hand of OnePlus has different curve, Liu Zuohu CEO of OnePlus confidently call it as "OnePlus radian", notch screen is one of the general full screen program for flagship phone this year.


oneplus 6 appearance


6.28 inch 19:9 OLED notch screen looks good, and the notch area can be hidden. The width of the jaw is also very narrow. The four corners of the screen do arc processing, the overall feeling is relatively round.


oneplus 6 glass material


OnePlus 6 retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB type-c interface supports Dash flash charging, and the speaker hole at the bottom left. OnePlus 6 also supports life water resistance, more convenient for daily life.


OnePlus 6 interface


Performance: Qualcomm snapdragon 845

OnePlus 6 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 mobile platform, 6GB & 8GB RAM. At the OnePlus conference, Mr. Liu said that OnePlus now accounts for 94% of the country's 8GB phones, contributing to the increase in the size of phone's memory.

Snapdragon 845 adopts Arm Corte technology on the basis of building the Kryo 385 architecture, four large nuclear frequency up to 2.8GHz, four energy-efficient small nuclear also has 1.8GHz frequency, compared with the former generation product, application startup time and heavy load type on the program, up to 25% performance improvement.

The Adreno 630 GPU is also used to further improve the graphics processing ability, which is up to 30% higher than the previous generation.


Battery life: no obvious short board

In terms of battery life, what about the 3300mAh battery and 5V 4A Dash flash charge? We also tested charging and battery life.

First, we will fully discharge OnePlus 6 and then conduct a 30-minute charge test. Within half an hour, 58% of the battery was charged, and it did well. The most important of all, the Dash flash belongs to low pressure filling fast charge, in the process of charging, OnePlus 6 almost did not get heated-up, the advantage is obvious when your are playing game while charging.


Warp up

On the whole, there is no obvious short board for OnePlus 6, in terms of appearance and performance this traditional advantages of OnePlus phones,OnePlus 6 also does well.


OnePlus 6 4G Phablet 6GB RAM
$861.09 $619.99    

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