Roborock S6 vs Roborock S5: performance and hardware updates

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In the personal view, the performance and workmanship is the strongest or Roborock, so it is not included in other brand comparisons, although the 360 S5 is also ok, but because of the different positioning, it will not be considered. 360 does not support mopping, and the battery capacity is low, not suitable for larger areas. After unpacking many times, we will skip it directly. After all, it is all Roborock and the packaging is the same!

Because many functions of Roborock S5 have been tested many times before, and the major websites also have evaluation articles, the results can be referenced, so this time to conduct some comparative tests. Point out that some upgrades of S6, due to personal thinking restrictions, so there are omissions are also welcome to correct.

Roborock S6

Let's take a look at the comparison pictures of the two machines: 

Roborock S6 vs Roborock S5

As seen from the picture, the structure is basically the same, the edge of the fuselage of the S6 is more rounded, and there are two more drop sensors on the back side of the bottom. The protection for the drop will be better, but the previous design has basically satisfied all. Use the demand. The difference between the two machines may be the Yanbian sensor.


The design of the charging stand has finally returned to the Mi family era, retaining the wire storage box. This design was said to be excellent at first, but the S5 era was changed. Now, the corners are also curved. very good. Although the volume is a bit larger, your sweeper is not small, so it will not affect the placement space. The power of the charging stand is the same. No change.


The contrast of the plug is S6 to be more convenient and more comfortable, after all, there are grooves.

The dust boxes

The dust boxes of the two machines are identical, except that the color scheme is different. I don’t come out alone.

The roller brush

The roller brush is one of the optimizations. The new roller brush supports the disassembly of the left and right sides, which is convenient for the cleaning of the roller brushing hair in the later stage. It can be seen that after a long time of use, the left groove position has been entangled. A lot of hair, that location is not clean. Now the left and right sides can be removed, and the entangled hair can be easily taken out. This design is referenced to 360. It is good to learn from each other. Of course, there is also good news, the new roller brush is fully compatible with the old machine.

The size of the carriage has not changed, and the water outlet has an additional water quantity control. The size of the water can be selected according to the environment in which it is used. It should be emphasized here that the S6 machine has a built-in carriage in-position detection, and currently only the pure drag mode can be prompted, and suggestions have been made to increase the intelligent switching.

The one-time mop floor installation diagram, the individual still feels that it can be reused, the cost of one-time mop is still high. Cleaning coverage efficiency test, construction area of 140 square meters, non-elevator room.

As many previous evaluations have confirmed, the coverage of Roborock, millet, and other laser-based models has basically reached full coverage, so now the Roborock is compared with the coverage speed of S6. After comparison, it can be seen that the difference is not very large, but the position of overlapping coverage becomes less. I personally prefer to have a partition. Due to the repeated coverage of the cleaning area, the area of the S5 is a little larger. In fact, the cleaning area is the same except for the position of the chair in the upper left.

Noise test

According to the test comparison, it can be clearly found that the S6 noise is lower, all set to MAX mode, the S5 noise exceeds 60DB, and the stability is around 64. This is a big critical point. Exceeding this value will make you feel noisy, S6 is controlled. 57 or so. There may be no big difference in numbers, but there will be a big difference in actual use.

Originally planned to carry out the Yanbian comparison, but because the S5 provided by the previous Roborock technology is an engineering machine, and the actual edge of the machine is slightly different, so there is no comparative value. The current S6 Yanbian has basically achieved the closest effect.

S6 provides more custom features, such as partition cleaning, which is the most special feature, you can directly specify several rooms to be cleaned separately.

Summarize the points for the improvement of S5:

1. The noise of the machine is significantly reduced.

2. The pallet is optimized to set the water volume and increase the position of the machine pallet in place.

3. The charging stand provides wire storage.

4, APP increases the partition function, the cleaning path is more scientific, and the selection is more convenient. And support the timing to specify the cleaning area!

5. Replace the roller brush with a detachable bearing.

6, the fuselage edge is more rounded, reducing the friction rate.

In general, the S6 is only structurally adjusted and optimized for the S5, and is a positive upgrade. Electronic products are recommended to buy new and not to buy old, since the technology has been upgraded, then personally feel recommended to buy in the case of funds allowed, after all, S6 can be much cheaper than NEATO and IROBOT, but the performance is not weak!


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