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Roborock T6 hands-on review: a smarter robot vacuum cleaner with all-round upgrade from inside out

ByLinky Johnson 2019-03-27 5402

On March 19, Roborock Technology officially released a new generation of robot vacuum cleaner - Xiaomi Roborock Sweep T6 vacuum cleaner. It is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the first half of 2019. Compared to its predecessor Roborock S5, the Roborock T6 comes with almost the same appearance but significant all-round upgrade features and performance.

Design: no much change but fine-tuning

The Roborock T6 comes with the black color. The polished finish shell looks full of textured. The T6 inherits most designs of its previous generation, Roborock S5, but makes some improvements in details, which not only preserves the traditional design, but also brings some new feelings.

Roborock T6  

The downside is that the shell doesn’t resist the interference of fingerprints. If we touch T6 directly, it will leave a lot of fingerprints, and it is not easy to wipe. However, most of the products on the market adopts the similar designs while the black color makes fingerprints more obvious.

Brand new map management 3.0 and LDS laser map building algorithm

Before we start with the performance of the Roborock T6 sweeping robot, let's talk about some new functions in software. We recommend that you connect the Roborock T6 with the Mijia App to get a complete experience. After connected, you can not only directly send instructions to T6 through on your phone, but also can monitor the use of the situation, which is very convenient.

Besides, the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner adopts the new generation of LDS laser mapping algorithm, which can automatically scan and recognize the current room environment while working, and draw roughly the same contour as the real space. The contour of your room will become more and more precise as use time increases.    

the new generation of LDS laser mapping algorithm 

These software upgrades actually pave the way for the new space cleaning 3.0 technology. In addition to allowing robots to clean the space in a certain environment, we can also delimit multiple zones and let Roborock T6 only clean the designated zones.

We can see the actual effect. Once we send out a cleaning order on Mijia App, the Roborock T6 will immediately go to the target area and start cleaning.  

send out a cleaning order on Mijia App 

From the path feedback of app, we can see that the actual sweeping area and planned area of T6 are basically consistent, and this function is realized depending on those sensors.

the actual sweeping area and planned area of T6 

The zoned cleaning is one of the most welcome features for us. With that feature, you don’t need to create a zone manually, just select the room you want to clean and you can even schedule it to let the T6 clean your room at a specific time.  

Meanwhile, the Roborock T6 also offers some special functions, such as zoned cleaning, scheduled cleaning and different cleaning modes. Generally speaking, the Roborock T6 offers all the functions that most vacuum cleaners have under 3000 CNY.  

Improved performance and using experience

After discussing some upgrade in software, we can take a look at the performance improvement of Roborock T6. Compared to the previous generation, the Roborock T6 inherits the powerful 2000Pa cleaning performance, in the meanwhile, upgrade the water tank and reduce the cleaning voice. All of these upgrades bring users better using experience.  

In addition, the ground mopping module of the Roborock T6 also gets some improvements. The T6 offers single-use mop, so you don’t need to frequently clean the mop after each cleaning. Like previous products, the Roborock T6 also supports disassemble, so the parts like brushes can be easily disassembled and cleaned up.

 the ground mopping module of the Roborock T6

The Roborock T6 also has excellent performance in cleaning route planning. With the help of navigation sensors and collision sensors, it can more accurately circumvent some objects such as tables and feet and sweep through furniture. At the same time, T6 has a certain ability to cross obstacles, but if confronted with scattered wires, T6 is prone to problems at work, so it is better to use the "zoning cleaning" function for fixed-point cleaning or to tidy up the home environment slightly before the sweeping robot works.

ability to cross obstacles 

Although the Roborock T6 also makes some upgrades on hardware, these are only embellishments. The main focus is the upgrade of software functions. At present, the sweeping robot industry has been very mature, in addition to data iteration in hardware, it is difficult to breakthrough development. On this premise, T6 has found some feasible differentiated selling points.

Roborock T6 makes cleaning so easy

Although it is only a few years since the birth of the sweeping robot industry, the progress of the industry is beyond our imagination. Among consumer brands, Roborock Technology is undoubtedly the most dazzling one. Their products have always been one of the benchmarks of the same price products.

After our using experience, the overall performance of Roborock T6 exceeded our expectation, especially at the software level. The "Space Management 3.0" function is one of the most welcome features. The emergence of zoning cleaning function makes the robot vacuum cleaner truly intelligent. During the using of the Roborock T6, we really enjoy the great convenience the smart robot vacuum cleaner brought us.  

overall performance of Roborock T6  

In addition to the improvement of software, Roborock T6 is a vacuum cleaner with good performance in all aspects. Coupled with the well optimization of cleaning noise reduction, sweeping and mopping function, the Roborock T6 offers better overall performance than its predecessor.  

The Roborock T6 is priced at 2799 CNY (about $417). Considering its performance, the Roborock T6 offers super value for money. All in all, the Roborock T6 is really a smart vacuum cleaner that will efficiently clean your house and save you a lot of time.  



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