Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner bring you a clean home

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If you asked me to recommend a sweeping robot to you a few years ago, I would have given up the idea of buying it. In that era, sweeping robots were only usable, but not intelligent. So using them, it's not easy. But now, you ask me to recommend a sweeping robot for you, then the Roborock T6 will be a very good choice.

Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner

With a good user reputation, Roborock Technology has gained a reputation in the sweeping robot market. Now as the Roborock continues to fight the sweep robot market with its robot T6 . Whether a sweeping robot is good or not depends on hardware sensors, software algorithms and ease of use.

In terms of hardware, the Roborock sweeping robot T6 adopts a modular design. It integrates Texas instruments DSP, NIDEC fan, LG/samsung lithium ion batteries, dupont special nylon bristles, wanbao to typical motor, mould heat transfer IMR six axis motion sensor technology, Bosch, ALLwinner 4 nuclear intelligence CPU hardware, KODENSHI sensor, along the wall covestro tires, etc., which are the world famous brand components, creating a better device.

In terms of sensors, Roborock Technology has equipped the T6 with 14 types of sensors, which are capable of handling even complex indoor environments. Through DS laser navigation algorithm, the Roborock sweeping robot T6 can quickly build a home map, and through the driverless car level SLAM algorithm, to achieve efficient and fast cleaning work.

Roborock T6 sweeping robot

In the past, when I used the sweeping robot, I always thought it was very noisy, but I left it to clean at home by itself. It often got stuck in a place and couldn't get out, or even couldn't find a charging pile when the battery ran out. The stone sweeping robot T6 will not have such trouble. The sweeping robot T6 adopts a new 30.5mm large motor and large torque motor matching gear box. Through the clever combination, it can directly reduce the noise.

In addition, the T6 is equipped with a 5200mAh battery, which can last 2.5 hours in standard mode. When the power is less than 20%, the sweeping robot will automatically return to the charging station for charging, and when the power is 80%, it will automatically return to the breakpoint to continue the unfinished cleaning task, so as to avoid the sweeping robot frequently returning to the pile for charging.

mop robot

Roborock Technology has also equipped the robot with a water tank to mop the floor. The user can adjust the water amount of the mop according to the actual use, and the mop can be installed after the adjustment. The stone sweeping robot is also divided into ordinary mop and disposable mop, which can be discarded after the use of disposable mop, to avoid secondary pollution of the room.

Therefore, if you want to buy a sweeping robot, then the stone sweeping robot T6 will be a good choice for you. If you were hurt by the sweeper before, then the Roborock sweeping robot T6 will restore your confidence in the sweeping robots.


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