Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner: what are the main upgrades?

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The Roborock sweeping robot S5 can be regarded as the second generation product of the Mijia sweeping robot. Compared with the Mijia sweeping robot, the suction rate of the S5 is increased from 1800 PA to 2000 pa. At the same time, the integration function of sweeping and dragging is also increased. The fully automatic infrared recharging function is also a highlight of S5. If there is insufficient power in the process of using, it will automatically find the charging pile to recharge, and continue cleaning after charging

 Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner

At the same time, the stone sweeping robot S5 uses LDS laser ranging sensor + SLAM algorithm, which can intelligently plan the sweeping route. Based on the existing building of the room map, two new sweeping modes are added, i.e. zoning sweeping and which sweeping mode to refer to. Users can control the robot more freely through mobile phones to clean specific areas. In detail, the wheel suspension system of S5 has been upgraded from 1.5 cm to 2.0 cm, which makes it more capable of overcoming obstacles. An omnidirectional pressure sensor is arranged above the LDS laser ranging sensor, which can detect slight runs and prevent the robot from being stuck under the bed and sofa. Supporting carpet pressurization technology, it can automatically identify the maximum suction of carpet opening, and automatically recover after leaving the carpet.

Stone Technologies took the lead in introducing two-year quality assurance to break industry stereotypes. It also adopted the flagship chip R16 of ALLWINNER series, Texas Instrument DSP, Marlboro to LDS motor, NIDEC fan, KODENSHI wall sensor, Bosch six-axis motion sensor, Covestro tire and Dupont, nylon brush and other major manufacturers of components.

In addition, the LDS navigation system of the stone sweeping robot T6 upgrades the new generation of laser mapping algorithm, which brings faster and more stable mapping ability. After the first sweeping, the T6 carrying Map Management 3.0 system can accurately remember the user's home map, provide more personalized sweeping operation for users, support selection sweeping, zoning sweeping and virtual wall forbidden area setting, and sweep whatever you want.  The newly upgraded Lock Navigation Path Planning is more intelligent than the previous generation of products. It cleans the narrow area faster and improves the cleaning efficiency by 20%.

Another major upgrade to T6 is low noise. It uses a new 30.5mm motor, which improves the torque compared with the previous generation products and reduces the operating noise. At the same time, T6 optimizes the design of motor vibration and gear, and also fills the motor with sound-proof cotton and noise-reducing air screen.

The mopping function of previous products has also been upgraded. In view of the trouble of user hand washing mop, T6 launched a disposable instant mop to free users’ hands. At the same time, adjustable gears have been added to the water tank, and two gears of water can meet different cleaning needs.


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