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ROIDMI M8 wireless mites vacuum cleaner: a special cleaner to create a healthier and cleaner environment for you

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-13 3805

In the eyes of mothers, nothing is more important than the healthy growth of babies. The baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, the immune system is not perfect, and it is more vulnerable to red rash, dermatitis, allergies and other symptoms. According to statistics, 80% of children's asthma is related to dust mite infection. Severe allergic rhinitis and asthma may accompany the baby for life. Therefore, to create a clean and suitable home environment for the baby's life is the pursuit of every mother.

In fact, seemingly spotless homes may be filled with mites, whether they are bedding, pillows, sofas, carpets, or towels wiped in the bathroom. Therefore, in the face of hidden dangers invisible to the naked eye, mothers need a mite remover to protect their babies' health. A good household acaricide remover should have three characteristics: high power, high suction and thorough filtration.

Roidmi Technology has launched a new hand-held wireless acarid cleaner to meet the needs of mothers and babies. Roidmi wireless acarid cleaner M8 meets these three characteristics.

Roidmi wireless acaricide cleaner M8 design


ROIDMI M8 Wireless Mites Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Ecosysterm Product - WHITE

ROIDMI M8 Wireless Mites Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Ecosysterm Product - WHITE


1. High power. Roidmi wireless acaricide cleaner M8 adopts DC brushless digital motor with speed up to 100,000 rpm and power up to 285W. It generates strong power while bringing high-frequency rotation of brush head, thus forming a strong beat, which makes acaricides lose their mobility.

2. Higher suction rate. The effective inhalation power of Roidmi wireless acarid cleaner M8 reaches 80W. It can quickly absorb and firmly lock dust mites, hair and skin debris, reduce the number of live mites, reduce the exposure opportunities to dust mites and their allergens, and protect the clean and comfortable home environment.

3. Filter thoroughly. Roidmi wireless acarid cleaner M8 has a strong and effective four-fold purification system, from the initial interception of hair, debris to efficient filtering of dust, allergens and so on. Through layer by layer filtration, multiple protection can be realized. It can effectively adsorb 0.3 micron fine particles. Its purifying rate is 99.99%. Clean air is discharged to avoid secondary pollution of dust mites and create a clean and healthy environment.

Roidmi wireless acarid cleaner M8 functions

In early autumn, mites are easy to breed in warmer places such as family sheets and bedding. Babies are exposed to bedding every day, which is more likely to cause mite allergies. Although some mites can be eliminated by drying the quilt in the sun, some mites will get inside the quilt. If slapped hard, the dead mite remains in the quilt. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the emergence of professional acaricide eliminators has given babies a more secure sleep environment. Roidmi  wireless acarid cleaner M8 can not only clean the whole area, inhibit the growth of mites, but also carefully designed transparent cover, which can suppress the surrounding air leakage, protect the bed surface and reduce scratches. Roidmi  wireless acarid cleaner M8 is dedicated to bringing a new clean experience to babies.


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