Roomba S9+ and Braava jet m6: iRobot is ready for the future of cleaning!

ByJordan Hobbs 2019-05-30 1002

iRobot, the leader in domestic robots, is launching two new and powerful robots that work together to provide the most efficient cleaning possible in the home. The Roomba s9+ robot vacuum cleaner with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal features a sleek design with an optimized contour. It is the most intelligent, powerful and efficient Roomba vacuum cleaner to date.

The Braava jet m6 soil washing robot takes care of several rooms and large spaces thanks to its advanced navigation system and mapping capabilities. Together, the two robots can use Imprint Link technology to communicate, vacuum and wash automatically, without any effort for the user.

The Roomba s9+ follows the edges and goes into the corners!

The Roomba s9+ robot vacuum cleaner with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal offers users the most efficient cleaning with its advanced 3D sensor, a powerful new cleaning system and PerfectEdge technology which includes a 30% wider rubber double brush and a specially designed corner brush. Each rubber brush has a sculpted relief that remains in permanent contact with the different floors - hard floors, carpets and rugs - adjusting and adapting if necessary to catch everything, from small particles like dust and dirt, to hair and large debris. The specially designed corner brush has five arms that catch dust and crumbs in the corners and along the walls, redirecting them to the robot path for suction.

The Roomba s9+ has a new cleaning system 40x more powerful than the previous generations of iRobot vacuum cleaners. When the Roomba s9+ detects carpets or rugs, the robot uses its Power Boost technology to automatically increase suction power to remove dust and debris embedded in the rug.

iRobot iAdapt 3.0's patented navigation technology and vSLAM technology help Roomba s9+ navigate effortlessly and efficiently around the house, keeping track of its previous passages and the areas that remain to be cleaned. A new advanced 3D sensor on the Roomba s9+ constantly scans what it has in front of it at a frequency of 25 times per second to help the Roomba s9+ go into corners and effectively clean large areas. Using iRobot's intelligent Imprint Smart Mapping technology, Roomba s9+ learns the layout of the house, giving users full control over which rooms to clean and when. The robot can be programmed for cleaning via the iRobot HOME application or by pressing the CLEAN button. Users can also start a cleaning with voice control when the robot is associated with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Roomba s9+ robot is equipped with a unique anti-allergen system that captures dirt, dust and allergens and prevents them from escaping from the robot or Clean Base charging station. Roomba s9 contains a high efficiency filter that captures 99% of mould, pollen and mites. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, Roomba s9+ returns to its Clean Base charging station to automatically empty the contents of its tank into a disposable bag, trapping dust and dirt. The Clean Base charging station contains the equivalent of 30 debris tanks, allowing the user to forget their vacuum for weeks.

The Braava jet m6 is able to clean several parts

The Braava jet m6 soil washing robot provides fresh and clean floors throughout the house. Users simply attach a cleaning cloth - washing or dry sweeping - and the robot takes over. Like the Roomba s9 robot, the Braava jet m6 is equipped with the iAdapt 3.0 navigation system and vSLAM and Smart Mapping Imprint technologies, allowing it to learn the house plan and guaranteeing users total control over the choice of rooms to clean and the time of day. The robot can be programmed via the iRobot HOME application or by pressing the CLEAN button. Users can also launch a voice command cleaning when the robot is synchronized with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Ideal for hard floors such as parquet, tiles or stone, Braava jet m6 has an optimal and streamlined design that allows it to go into corners and follow the edges. Thanks to its advanced navigation system, the robot cleans effectively while bypassing furniture, carpets and other obstacles. If the robot runs out of battery power before the end of its cleaning task, it will automatically recharge itself and resume cleaning until the task is completed.

In wash mode, the targeted spray - Precision Jet Spray - and the wash cloth attack sticky dirt and cooking grease. Users have the possibility to add the Braava cleaning product Jet™ for hard floors for a fresh and long-lasting fragrance. In dry sweeping mode, the corresponding wipe is electrostatic and captures dirt, dust, pet hair and hair.

When the Braava jet floor washing robot has finished cleaning, users no longer need to touch the dirty wipes. All they have to do is place the robot on top of the bin and press the "eject" button to release the wipe. Users can access the Clean Map report in the application and see where the Braava jet m6 robot cleaned and the statistics of the cleaning session. Reusable and dry cleaning wipes are available for purchase separately.

A dynamic duo: Roomba aspires then Braava jet lave!

With the launch of the Roomba s9+ and Braava jet m6 robots, iRobot also inaugurates the next step in connected home automation with Imprint Link technology that allows robots to communicate intelligently with each other and clean one after the other to ensure flawless work. Thanks to Imprint Link technology, Roomba s9+ and Braava jet m6 robots work together to provide an extra level of cleanliness by automatically vacuuming and washing, without any effort for the user.

Users can initiate joint cleaning in the iRobot HOME application, where they can choose specific parts or an entire level of their home for robots to clean. Roomba s9+ starts and sucks up the chosen areas. Once Roomba returns to its base, Braava jet m6 leaves its base and starts washing. Users will receive notifications when cleaning and washing are completed. Imprint Link technology also works with the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaner.

Prices and availability

The Roomba s9+ robot vacuum cleaner with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal will be available from August 2019 at an indicative retail price of €1499. The Braava Jet m6 floor washing robot will also be available from August 2019 at an indicative retail price of €699.

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