Samsung Galaxy A40s in-depth review

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With the development of the smart phone market from the growth stage to the mature stage, the basic communication function has not been able to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, many mobile phone manufacturers began to focus on the market segments that can give better play to their advantages, either by taking photos, or video, or battery life.

Not long ago, Samsung Electronics unveiled its new mid-range flagship Galaxy A series in China. These four products have their own features. For millennials, Samsung Galaxy A40s not only adopts the mainstream rear three-camera, gorgeous 6.4-inch V screen, but also carries a 5000mAh battery. Combined with fast charging technology and low-power hardware platform, it can achieve ultra-long endurance, cure users' low power phobia, and become a blessing for heavy mobile phone users.

So how does the Samsung Galaxy A40s perform? Get to know it through its hands-on experience.


The Samsung Galaxy A40s is equipped with a 6.4-inch HD screen, with 91% of the screen ratio, which provides a broader view.

Samsung Galaxy A40s is equipped with gorgeous V video screen, with a 16-million(F2.0) front camera in the "V" shaped area at the top, and a hidden handset above the camera to make full use of forehead space and greatly increase the screen proportion.

Galaxy A40s adopts v-shaped cutting technology to create the most gorgeous screen. The hd display extends from edge to edge, providing you with a more immersive visual experience. It Provides users with immersive visual experience.

The Samsung Galaxy A40s is highly polished and surrounded by a 3D curved design, which is more ergonomic and gives the product an excellent grip. Its frame and the back cover adopt the integral design.

The screen of Samsung Galaxy A40s not only maximizes the visual range of the screen, but also v-cut technology comprehensively improves the visual experience and provides new user experience, especially suitable for games, watching video, multitasking, browsing, etc.

The Samsung Galaxy A40s also tries to narrow the bottom bezel on the front to give you a more comfortable and large screen experience visually. The Samsung Galaxy A40s features virtual touch buttons that you can hide to your liking, making it easy to use.

The Samsung Galaxy A40s phone is equipped with volume button and power button on the right side of the frame, and multi-function card slot on the top left side of the frame, supporting double card and double standby + expansion of MicroSD memory card.

The Samsung Galaxy A40s bottom bezel is equipped with USB type-c data transfer interface and speakers, plus an additional 3.5mm headphone jack, and rear fingerprint recognition on the back.

Samsung Galaxy A40s is available in three colors: magic night black, morning gold and aqua blue.

Photo experience

The Samsung Galaxy A40s is equipped with a 5-megapixel (F2.2 aperture) blur lens, a 16-megapixel (F1.9 aperture) main camera, and a 5-megapixel (123° ultra-wide Angle) ultra-wide Angle lens.

It has an LED flash under its camera. It is worth mentioning that the super wide Angle lens is the same 123° super wide Angle as the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, and it is equipped with the scene optimizer, which is not ambiguous in terms of configuration.

In the low-price market, there are not many models with ultra-wide Angle lenses, and there are even claims that ultra-wide Angle lenses are more gimmicks than practical ones. In fact, a super wide Angle lens has a larger viewing range than a normal lens and can accommodate more images.

Users can use ultra-wide Angle lenses to enhance depth perception and sense of space. Its imaging effect has a strong sense of image impact, making people feel as if they were in it, bringing consumers a new photographic experience. It is precisely because of this feature of the ultra-wide Angle lens that the natural scenery taken by consumers will look more imposing and the urban buildings will be more magnificent. The ultra wide Angle lens is also a good choice when taking photos during the trip.

Samsung Galaxy A40s camera interface still has a strong taste of Samsung, whether you are familiar with Samsung phone or not, you can get started quickly. To switch to super wide Angle mode, you can simply click "three small trees" to switch.

The normal photo mode of ordinary mobile phone can only take the kind of ordinary photos without any bright spots.

Samsung Galaxy A40s is equipped with a 5-megapixel depth-of-field camera and a 13-megapixel rear main camera, which can take large photos with clear subject and blurred background. Such photos are not only clear in layering but also more artistic, which will quickly stand out from other photos and make you the shining focus. There's no denying that the Galaxy A40s gives consumers a new way to project their glamour.

In addition to an excellent photo shooting experience, the Samsung Galaxy A40s also features dynamic shots and scene optimization. Among them, dynamic snap is to capture the contours of consumers' faces, generate 3D copies with data-based machine learning algorithms, and then construct users' personalized avatars and emoticons through AR technology.

Scene optimization is intelligent identification and optimization of scene shooting through AI technology, which can identify people, food, beach, trees, sky, sunrise, sunset, flowers, snow, text/document, mountains, cities, indoor, waterside, backlight, animals and other common scenes, so as to achieve the best imaging effect.

System experience

Samsung Galaxy A40s is equipped with the One UI based on Android 9.0 operating system. In the design concept, the One UI reflects that it is a user interface that makes large screen phones easier to use.

The overall style of One UI is simple and grand, ICONS are clearly separated, and the picture is clear and orderly. At the same time, a large number of rounded corners are added to One UI, which can reduce the sense of interference and confusion and focus users' attention on the content displayed on the screen.

One UI is an easy-to-use UI for large-screen phones that keeps important interactions as close to the bottom of the screen as possible and easy to operate with One hand.

The Galaxy A40s also features interactive animation with the front-facing camera, as well as a face-unlock and selie-timer countdown function.

Samsung Galaxy A40s' One UI still supports the "full-screen gesture" function, which includes scrolling up to open multi-tasking interface, scrolling up to return to the main interface and scrolling up to return to the upper menu.

It is worth mentioning that One UI provides night mode and eye protection mode. When night mode is enabled, the main interface style hardly changes at all, but the drop-down menu, notification bar, top status bar, Settings and other secondary menus are displayed with a black background. After opening to protect eye mode, the feeling of whole is screen light relatively downy, stimulation decrescent to the vision.

Similarly, the touch-sensitive switch that appeared on the Galaxy S10 also extends to the Samsung Galaxy A40s, allowing users to have a good experience while using the film. This function can increase the touch sensitivity of the screen so that it can be used through the screen protective film.

According to the actual experience, the One UI is very smooth to operate, but also suitable for one-handed operation, and the style is also fresh and simple. For Samsung Galaxy A40s, it is a user-friendly smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy A40s offers a 6GB+64GB storage combo. What's more, the Galaxy A40s has a 5000mAh (typical) * capacity battery. According to the test, Samsung Galaxy A40s can support phone calls for 32.5h, play video for 28.5h and play music for 109.4h. You can use it all day on one charge, so you don't have to carry extra batteries.


The most powerful aspect of Samsung Galaxy A40s is its balanced performance, excellent appearance and high cost performance, which greatly improves the competitiveness of this mobile phone. Samsung really hit the heart of the mid-end market, no matter it is three shots or battery life, and users have almost no other options except Samsung Galaxy A40s. At the same time, Samsung has beefed up the look of its products, offering a stunning 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a 91% display ratio that shows no boundaries, features that can be seen almost exclusively on flagship phones. The body is highly polished and has a 3D curved design around it, which enhances the grip and improves the appearance level. A combination of selling points that don't seem to fit at this price point turns the Samsung Galaxy A40s into a phone that doesn't look like $223.

In fact, the selling points of this phone are more than that, such as the concise UI, rich lock screen wallpaper, dolby sound effects, screen display, face recognition, etc., many of which are also features of similar products at this price. It can be seen that Samsung not only wants to occupy the mid-range mobile phone market with its products, but also needs to convince consumers with its sincere products. This sincerity is not only the price, not only is the selling point of the product, but let the two combine to form a unique, differentiated competitiveness.

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