Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Which is better?

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-23 14229

With the rapid iteration of science and technology, the technical development of wireless Bluetooth headset is becoming more and more mature. Many friends who like music have very picky requirements for the choice of Bluetooth headphones. Recently, a new Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless Bluetooth headset has made a lot of progress in performance. Then I take a Sony WF-1000X infinite Bluetooth headset at the same price and make a detailed comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless Bluetooth headset. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Size

First of all, in terms of volume and quality, both belong to earphone, and the volume is very small, the appearance is simple. Samsung Galaxy Buds is more fashionable, with black and white and yellow to choose from. Sony WF-1000X looks more commercial in appearance and looks more textured as a whole.

Sony WF-1000X

The Samsung Galaxy Buds is made of lightweight materials. The weight of a single headset is only 3.6g. Even if you wear it all day, you will not feel any pain in your ears. The charging box is also very small, only the size of one to four palms and the weight of only 39.6g. It's very easy to carry.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Sony WF-1000X earphone weighs about 6.8g per headset and the charging box weighs about 70g. In terms of data, the latest Samsung Galaxy Buds is more convenient and lighter both in size and mass.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Battery life

In terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Buds can support six hours of music and five hours of talk time after charging, adding an additional seven hours of music play time and six hours of phone talk time with an additional charge of the charging box. And headphones have a fast charging function, charging 15 minutes can play 100 minutes of music.

It takes about three hours to charge the Sony WF-1000X Bluetooth headset once, and about nine hours to play music if you carry an extra charging box. Sony WF-1000X Bluetooth ears also use fast charging technology, and when the headphones are running out of power, putting the headphones in a charging box for 15 minutes can give you 70 minutes to play music. In terms of battery life, it is clear that the Samsung SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds has a big advantage.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Stability

In terms of stability, Samsung SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds uses Bluetooth version 5.0. there is no delay in watching video, and the delay in playing games is also within the range of acceptance by the vast majority of people, and the delay is relatively stable. Sony WF-1000X after many friends experience, there is a high probability of instability, there is often the phenomenon of headphones offline, the experience is not ideal.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, Samsung Galaxy Buds adopts the sound quality of AKG, a world-class acoustic brand, and puts on headphones to listen to music as if it were on the stage of a concert, for some professional music lovers. It is also a recommended headset.

Sony WF-1000X sound quality is not prominent, Sonny-style low frequency is no longer. Although it still has the function of noise reduction, to a certain extent, it can eliminate the harsh sound of the engine on the bus, but the roar of the engine has less noise reduction components, and the noise reduction function is not very good.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Price

In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy Buds is currently priced at 999 yuan on JD.com, while Sony's WF-1000X has returned to about 1, 000 yuan from more than 1500 yuan when it first went on sale, much cheaper than when it first went on sale.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Sony WF-1000X: Summary

To sum up, the Samsung Galaxy Buds has a much better experience than before in terms of endurance, volume, and sound quality. If it is a fan who is more persistent in sound quality, it has higher requirements for the quality of music. Well, the author thinks that Samsung Galaxy Buds is still a Bluetooth headset worth starting with.

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