Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: full comparation

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-23 13894

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition and Samsung Galaxy Buds are both two hot true wireless headphones.But which is better? Now let’s compare them together.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Appearance

Xiaomi headphone shell and battery box cover using a two-color injection molding process, the material presents a translucent hazy state, has some characteristics. And Samsung is a monochromatic material, the surface gloss is obvious, has the grade feeling very much.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Both are stamped on the top with their own Logo, Xiaomi AirDots youth version of Logo for the gray font, looming in the white box background, need to work hard to see clearly. Samsung Buds font printing is more visible, in addition to Logo there is a line of "Sound by AKG" small print, highlighting the particularity of AKG tuning. 

The overall appearance of both are cobblestone style, Samsung Buds arc transition is more extreme, the top cover for the whole arc down, and Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the style is slightly hard upper cover edge is arc plus right angle transition. So the feeling of holding it in your hand as a whole is that Samsung is more round and smooth.

From the appearance of the picture, we can see that Samsung is slender, Xiaomi is more solid, which is also confirmed by the shape parameters, the three-dimensional Samsung Buds is only narrower in width than Xiaomi. 

Another point worth mentioning is the way the battery box is opened. Samsung Buds's battery box has a groove design that can be opened directly with one hand and easier with both hands. And Xiaomi AirDots youth edition of the battery box around there is no opening, one hand is basically impossible to open, both hands will also have a certain probability of finger scratch. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Wearin

Because of the weight difference of less than 2g, the weight difference between the two is not obvious. Xiaomi's headphones are oval in design, while Samsung's triangles are closer to the circle and thicker.Samsung has replaceable rubber wings to accommodate more auricle shapes and is more secure.


Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Xiaomi headphones close to the ear side of the use of non-skid rubber material, with a certain degree of friction, will not easily slide out of the ear canal, but in jogging and other light sports scenes will be unstable, the ear will slowly slide out a little bit. Sound insulation becomes worse, the replacement of larger earplugs into a little bit will slightly alleviate the problem. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear Xiaomi headphones in strenuous sports scenes. 

The Samsung buds, on the other hand, has a slight stethoscope effect during exercise, suspected to be caused by friction between the headphone body and the auricle, and is slightly improved after the plug is tight. 

Because of the earplug design, both headphones give the ear a foreign body feeling, slightly less comfortable than the Bose QC30.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Operation

In the mode of operation, both are touch operation, Samsung Buds triangle area is touch area, touch sensitive, headphones off can not touch, this is very humanized. The operation supports click, double click, three-click and long press, in which the long-click operation can be customized in the software, and supports the activation of ambient sound, voice assistant, ambient sound and volume addition and subtraction (this feature only supports left subtraction and addition and subtraction). And must be set at the same time). 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

The Xiaomi AirDots youth version is the middle area of the headphone shell, the measured upper and lower left and right edge touch are invalid, there is a certain possibility of misoperation. Xiaomi only supports clicks and double-clicks on both sides, click pause, and double-click to activate the voice assistant. 

When Samsung Buds turns on the battery box phone, it will automatically connect the headset and display the power of the left and right headphones, while the battery box power information is displayed in pop-up windows and software, so it is speculated that Samsung's battery box battery information does not support display on the phone. The battery box electricity information is displayed by the LED color on the battery box when charging, the light has three kinds of color difference. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth version has the right ear is the main headset, the right ear from the earphone box will be automatically connected to the device, headphones have "boot", "connected" female voice prompt, and then remove the left ear will beep prompt left and right ear connection. Therefore, Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the default support for the right ear alone, the left ear if you need to use alone after the need to take out and then manually boot connection, the operation is slightly more complex. 

The Samsung buds directly supports the direct use of the left and right ears without reconnecting. Due to the addition of the sensor, it supports the suspension of the playback of the two ears, the automatic start of playback after the ears are put on, and the unilateral sound after the removal of an earphone. The convenience of use is obviously due to Xiaomi. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Battery life

Xiaomi's official binaural broadcast lasts for four hours and the battery box for 12 hours, meaning the battery box can charge the headset twice. Samsung buds official headphones last for six hours, and the battery box can fully charge the headphones once. In other words, the battery box with both headphones lasted up to 12 hours. Samsung's six-hour run at a single broadcast can be said to stand out in real wireless headphones. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

The Samsung buds, which supports wireless charging, will have a particularly good experience for users who are used to charging their phones wirelessly. If you buy a Big Apple Max but don't want to pay 100 yuan for a wireless charging board, Then you may not feel the convenience of wireless charging. Well, the wireless charging speed of the headphones is also very slow, so it is suitable to be charged quietly. 

In fact, the author did not specifically test the endurance, unless you wear it for more than three hours, otherwise the continuation of the two will not become an obstacle to actual use. I remember I mentioned earlier that both of these will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time, and without waiting for the electricity to run out, you will take off the gap between the 800RMB: Samsung Galaxy Buds, Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the ultimate contrast. So it's enough to continue. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Connection

Both headphones are Bluetooth version 5.0. both support AAC, Samsung's Botong chip and Xiaomi's Ruiyu chip. Samsung supports not only the general transport protocol, but also the use protocol of its own phone. Xiaomi is popular face. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the problem is that the left and right ears will be occasionally disconnected, timely re-put back to the battery box is still unable to reconnect, need a complex reset before it can be reconnected Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the probability of the headphones removed from the headset box after the boot but not automatically connected to the situation. Samsung Buds has a stable connection to the left and right ears, and the Bluetooth connection is unstable when the phone is riding in the left trouser pocket. It is speculated that the right ear is the main ear in binaural mode. In the actual experience, there is little difference in Bluetooth stability between the two, and there is no surprise or shock. 

Delay if the game will have, tested NBA 2K and Game for Peace, the former sports game delay can not feel, the latter click to shoot and hear the gunshot will have a small time difference, rookie players can do not care, professional caution. There is basically no delay in the video, and there is no significant difference between the two. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Sound quality, software, etc

The reason for the final mention of sound quality is because it is extremely easy to ignore for a true wireless headset. Samsung Buds has AKG tuning blessing, sound playability will be higher. Comparing the two headphones with the BOSE QC30 (which has no sound quality to talk about), the Samsung Buds can get better low-frequency diving by tuning. Xiaomi and BOSE have the same sound quality. Boiled water. Sound quality is metaphysics, look at my big apple headphones, even the Bests studio in the fever circle is also sound slag. 


Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

As a matter of fact, software has become more and more important for a headset. Samsung buds supports custom operation and upgrade of the software, of course, while the products of the rice grocery store are exquisite at present. Although there are more than N types of headphones, they are basically sold more. Poor evaluation, I hope to strengthen the high-quality products and user experience in the future (do not look forward to it, the rice family is still very impetuous ah at present). 

In fact, I bought Samsung buds for environmental sound mode.Because there is QC30 (the lowest noise reduction is actually the environmental sound mode), know that the environmental sound is actually the office does not lose the pink artifact, because it will not damage your character because your colleagues tell you not to hear it. However, after getting it, it is found that the latest version of the headphone software version of the environmental sound mode has turned on the voice mode option in time, which still has little effect on enhancing the human voice, so we look forward to updating and improving it. The external sound is truly audible only in the fast ambient sound mode triggered by the long press, and the volume of music being played is automatically reduced when the fast ambient sound is played, which is very practical. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Summary

Samsung Buds is still much better than Xiaomi AirDots youth version of the experience, the addition of a variety of sensors and software support to achieve a user experience similar to Apple's Airpods. Better sound insulation, environmental sound mode, a single lasting 6 hours, wireless charging and other product highlights of the basic value back to the price. Xiaomi AirDots youth edition represents the reality of many domestic true wireless: it can achieve basic functions, but there are many flaws in the user experience.

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