Samsung Galaxy Note 10:will its fast charging be safe?

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-09 929

The Galaxy Note 10 will be released later this year and it seems that, unlike for example the Galaxy Fold, little can go wrong with this device. Although it now appears that some people are worried about the battery...

Risk for Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

2019 could just be the year in which Samsung did everything it could to keep innovating. Even if they had to take great risks. For example, the Galaxy Fold has caused a lot of negative publicity and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and 5G functions on the Galaxy S10 did not come into their own.

Although it looks like the Galaxy Note 10 might be a bit less controversial, there is one part that might still cause problems.


When the Galaxy Note 7 was released, there were several incidents around the battery of the device. Besides the fact that the battery didn't always work properly, there were also devices that caught fire. Of course, this caused Samsung to tighten its security measures considerably.


However, the company now seems to think that this tragedy has already been forgotten. There are sources that claim that the Galaxy Note 10 will not disappoint its customers in terms of battery capacity or charging. The latter will apparently be due to a new 50-watt charging technology.

50W Snellaadfunctie

Charging a device quickly is not exactly new, but there are always companies that want to go a step further. OPPO's SuperVOOC and OnePlus's DASH Charging are two good examples of this. Although Samsung does not go as far as the 100W prototype of Xiaomi, rumour has it that a 50W quick charge function is used for the Galaxy Note 10.


Of course, this sounds like a potential victory for Samsung, but there will always be people with the drama of the Galaxy Note 7 still fresh in their minds. Since fast charging often also means more warmth, it is to be hoped for Samsung that history will not repeat itself.

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