Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55 walkman: Which is better?

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Most modern people use mobile phones to listen to music, but if the ears are picky about the sound quality, the music player is a very good choice, which can not only bring more powerful sound quality effects than the mobile phone, but also meet the demand for portability.

Today we bring a comparative review of two music players, Sony NW-A55 High Resolution Music player and Shanling M2X lossless Music player. Sony Dafa has accumulated in the audio field for decades and has become synonymous with high-end and high sound quality. Shanling is a product highly appraised by enthusiasts in recent years.

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55: Appearance

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55

In terms of fuselage size, the Sony NW-A55 is not much different from the Shanling M2X, but the Sony NW-A55 is thinner in thickness. In terms of weight, the Sony NW-A55 has a net weight of 99 grams and the Shanling M2X has a net weight of 147 grams, so the Sony NW-A55 is able to bring music enthusiasts a more relaxed and comfortable portable experience.

The Sony NW-A55 fuselage is made of aluminum alloy, with a 3.1-inch screen that feels atmospheric and hard, and a variety of fashion colors such as gray black / twilight red / moonlight blue / mint green / light gold to meet the aesthetic tastes of non-users. Frosted paint makes the product more textured.

The shell curve of Sony NW-A55 is round and smooth, the control panel is concentrated on the right, the power switch, volume adjustment, fast forward, playback and pause keys are arranged in turn, and the layout is simple and intuitive. The user can easily hold the operation and touch blindly with only one hand. With the help of HOLD keys, the user decides whether to disable the touch panel according to the usage requirements, so as to avoid misoperation.

Shanling M2X comes in three styles: black / red / titanium, 3.2-inch hyperboloid glass screen with arc metal fuselage is full of modern feeling, and the holding experience is also quite good. However, the product's power / volume buttons, as well as fast forward, play, pause buttons on both sides of the fuselage, the actual operation will be a little inconvenient, but the volume control part of the turntable design is very eye-catching.

In terms of interface, Sony NW-A55 has 3.5mm audio interface, charging interface and a microSD expansion interface, which can meet the needs of the vast majority of users. Shanling M2X has a richer configuration, with 3.5mm audio interface, Type-C USB charging interface, BAL interface (2.5mm balanced headset output interface), and a microSD expansion interface.

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55: Sound quality and noise canceling

The content of the appearance has come to an end, and then let's actually experience the next two products.

When the power was turned on, the Sony NW-A55 and Shanling M2X operating systems appeared in front of us, both of which were very good, but we could still intuitively feel that the icons and text displayed by the Sony NW-A55 were more elaborate and beautiful than the Shanling M2X. The touch of the actual operation is also more smooth, mainly due to the powerful hardware processing performance of the Sony NW-A55, as well as the high-resolution TFT color display.

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55

Both Sony NW-A55 and Shanling M2X support microSD memory card expansion, and music enthusiasts can store their favorite music, both of which support audio formats. APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA and other common audio formats can be played perfectly. It is worth mentioning that Sony NW-A55 has also added support for the MQA file format, which can bring a master tape-level sound quality experience to Hi-Res high-resolution music players.

In order to achieve better test results, we choose Sony WI-H700 (h.ear) headphones as the supporting test equipment, this headset is equipped with 9mm high sensitivity drive unit, which can enable the two music players to better display their performance.

In the actual sound quality experience, we once again feel the charm of Sony Dafa, high frequency bright and transparent, medium frequency broad and full, S-Master HX digital power amplifier technology can effectively reduce sound quality distortion, making the bass part mellow and steady. The excellent sound quality effect makes people naturally integrate into it.

Under the blessing of alcohol sound technology +, the reverberation effect of the song has been greatly increased, and the presentation of low frequency and intermediate frequency is more full and rich, so it can bring a more shocking sense of listening than the original sound effect.

Sony has also equipped the NW-A55 with a DSEE HX digital sound enhancement engine, which optimizes songs with low resolution to Hi-Res high-quality sound effects, and improves the high frequency range to show a smoother scale, and the actual results are very satisfactory.

Shanling M2X sound quality effect is also very good, this product has been Hi-Res high-resolution audio certification, high, middle and low tri-frequency integration, also bring us a relaxed and happy feeling. The downside is that the mountain spirit M2X is softer in the bass, weaker than the Sony NW-A55, and there are also some deficiencies in the sense of sound hierarchy.

As a Walkman device, there is often a need for take-out. The outdoor sound environment is noisy and changeable, which may affect the sound quality of the music player. Sony has fully taken this into account, providing NW-A55 with excellent noise reduction capabilities, which can significantly reduce the impact of external noise on sound quality, resulting in a purer listening experience. It should be pointed out that Sony provides NW-A55 with a variety of noise reduction modes, such as automatic AI noise reduction, bus / train, aircraft, office and so on.

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55: Battery life

In addition, the power problem is also the focus of music players. Sony NW-A55 's built-in high-capacity battery can achieve about 45 hours of ultra-long MP3 audio playback time, even DSD high-resolution audio can be played continuously for 25 hours. Shanling M2X has a weak endurance and can only maintain about 10.5 hours of headphone output, which affects the experience.

Shanling M2X vs Sony NW-A55: Price

In terms of price, the Sony NW-A55 high-resolution music player is currently priced at 1699 yuan, while the Shanling M2X lossless music player is priced at 1298 yuan. The two products are both medium-priced products. Users can choose the right products according to their own needs.


The Sony NW-A55 high-resolution music player and Shanling M2X lossless music player performed quite well throughout the evaluation. Among them, Sony NW-A55 high-resolution music player is better in fuselage size / weight, operating system beauty / fluency, sound quality performance, and noise reduction performance, and can become a powerful equipment for music enthusiasts. The advantage of Shanling M2X lossless music player is that it has built-in Hi-Fi cloud music library and KuGou music genuine music library (users have to pay extra monthly / annual fee), so it is more suitable for ordinary music players.

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