Shanling M6 music player review

ByFields Corrielus 2019-09-17 4696

After a long year, Shanling finally launched this year's latest flagship fever player M6, replacing his own M5s flagship status. In fact, if you look at the configuration alone, M6 does not seem to be an update in the traditional sense compared to M5s. In addition to the larger grip and more solid sense of the screen, the design language has evolved, and the system, operation, and interface are all friendlier. I also used a special AKM decoding chip, AK4495SEQ, and after using it for a while, I felt like it was a completely new design.

If you look at the new products released so far this year, Shanling has really released a lot of new things this year, ranging from more powerful Bluetooth players to more advanced fever coils and real wireless headphones. At the same time, a non-traditional "national brick" called M2X was also released this year, and Shanling is one of the most aggressive of the feverish manufacturers in terms of the speed of horizontal expansion of the market. In contrast, M6 has been about a year away from the previous generation of flagship M5s. During this year, in fact, some enthusiasts have expectations and calls for Shanling's new flagship player. On the contrary, he hopes that he will launch some bricks similar to his competitors, which have leapfrog in configuration and price. If you want to give an example, the prices of N8, Prince and Moju, which already cost tens of thousands of dollars, belong to this list. However, judging from the price, Shanling still seems determined to let his flagship player set a "cabbage" price, and the M6, which is almost completely upgraded, will eventually be priced at 2998 yuan, in addition to making the burning friends feel the performance-to-price ratio. Some non-enthusiasts will not be overpriced and dissatisfied with the hard audio needs of non-feverish digital enthusiasts, and the phrase "take the mass line" seems equally appropriate for Shanling. Let's talk about the feeling of using Shanling M6.

Shanling M6 music player

From the outside, the M6 is one size larger than the M5s, and if you want to say that the products below the M5s can be called mini bricks, the surface area of the M6, which is already close to the phone, is clearly no longer mini. However, as mentioned above, although the M6 is larger, the design language is similar to the previous player of Shanling, and the production process has been upgraded compared to the M5s. If you want to compare, the M6 is designed to be more like a larger version of the M2X. The hyperboloid glass on the front is very round, the groove button on the left is almost exactly the same as the setting position of the semi-buried roller on the right, and the order of the interface at the bottom and the hyperboloid process are highly continued.

Remember, M6 is already a player with deeply customized Android, so a larger fuselage and touch screen is the best choice for M6, after getting used to small mini players such as MTouch 2.0 or M2X. It takes a little time to get used to using M6 again. However, if we refer to the products that already exist in the market, the large screen perception and design language of Android feverish players from various manufacturers have their own advantages, and their hardware configurations are also different, and the M6 is in addition to following the standard QC3.0 fast charging. The CPU uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, which is an entry-level CPU if you look at it from an Android phone point of view, but if you look at the eight-core processor combined with M6's built-in 4GB memory + 32GB storage, the fluency will obviously be higher. It is also obviously easy to beat the four-core Snapdragon 425 used by the seashells R6pro next door.

Of course, for the configuration of Shanling M6, I do not think it is necessary to elaborate one by one in the article, interested in looking for their own configuration diagram. If you want to say the bright spot, the two-way LDAC and one-way HWA of M6 Bluetooth are worth paying attention to, and the driving force and endurance of the M6 Bluetooth are much stronger than those of previous products. The support for the largest 2TB of TF memory cards is almost equivalent to announcing support for all TF cards on the market. 32Bit/768kHz 's PCM surpasses all previous players at home. And most importantly, the Shanling M6 decoder chip uses AKM's AK4495SEQ, which is said to be a special enhanced version of AK4495, which is much higher than the AK4493 used by AK4495 and even M5s in terms of purchase price. It is regarded as a "Chen Duxiu" type product in the portable player, while the M6 directly uses two pieces of AK4495SEQ as the output of single-ended and balanced port.

Shanling M6 music player

For Android players, it is clear that users will become familiar with its operation and functional experience over time, but for enthusiasts, the voice of a product is clearly the most important, and some people like to be straightforward. Some people like to have a lot of charm. From the point of view of the several multi-unit moving headphones that I started for a period of time and driven at hand, the M6 is a continuation of Shanling's unique sense of permeability on the basis of the previous player. Since he has shown a certain degree of moisturization and charm, It also ensures a good sense of hierarchy and low frequency diving. If compared with products at the same price, M6 may not be the most balanced and straightforward, but the warmth and analytical power of the sound are estimated to be the best among the products at this price. And through the excellent instrument overtone to create a better instrument reduction degree.

Compared with the M5s I started last year, the M6 has obviously had a greater benign change in sound, with less stimulation in the high-frequency part but a stronger texture of the instrument, and the sound bottom of the single end or balance port can be extremely dark. Maximize the micro-dynamic and reductive degree of the musical instrument. From my personal preference, the excellent intermediate frequency feature of M6 is more obvious. If compared with my AUNE M2S and Sony ZX300, the M6 intermediate frequency information and density are significantly better. I even think I can surpass my M5s in one ear. On the other hand, the increase of M6 intermediate frequency density is related to its own good instrument overtone, and it has an obvious addition effect on the users who have great demand for the hearing and reduction degree of musical instrument playback. On the other hand, M6 maintains the high analytical power of previous products, but there are slight changes in the details of the three frequencies. If you describe the hearing of M5s as empty, fresh and three-dimensional, M6's hearing is rigorous and introverted but has a higher quality of expression. In the style, there is a feeling of returning to the old flagship of the mountain spirit, to the maximum extent to ensure the micro-dynamic and reductive degree of the instrument so as to adapt to the playback of more types of tracks.

Judging from the use of M6 with headphones on hand, even with a single port, I think it's perfect enough to drive Shanling's own ME500 platinum version, and some 4-unit and 6-unit headphones are equally relevant. M6 itself is rich in sound details and relatively positive timbre, which provides good conditions for its driven omnivorous nature, and provides a variety of interfaces to maximize the convenience of use, which is obviously an add-on for users.

As Shanling's latest flagship player, the M6 is not really a product that has reached its upper limit, leaving at least room for configuration, deliberately driving down prices and making appropriate concessions for future true flagships. Of course, Shanling obviously is not unable to make that kind of thousands or even tens of thousands of products, but in each price segment to lay their own product line at the same time, maximize the advantages of backwardness and try to use their own tuning skills to achieve perfection. Whether it is the M5s of the first AK4493 chip last year or the M6, which is now made using the unique dual AK4495SEQ, it is a very different audio product for the fever market, and Shanling occupies the high ground of performance and price through the price. In fact, there is no need to update the flagship products as frequently as the competitors next door, resulting in a sense of bargain, but to be able to release products that target different audience groups without tidbits. Maybe when you get used to things like M2X and M5s, you will think that M6 is bigger, but for Shanling, M6 is obviously a breakthrough on the basis of previous products, and it is estimated that more Android players will appear in the future. For users who love Shanling tuning and designing ID, the M6, which has a new experience and is cost-effective, is clearly worth a try.

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