Should I wait for MacBook Pro 2019?

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The current MacBook Pro was introduced in July 2018 and new models are expected this year. Although the future evolutions are still unclear, it becomes interesting to postpone a possible purchase and wait for the arrival of the MacBook Pro 2019. State of the art.

An ageing and criticized range

The current MacBook Pro range is made up of computers of two different generations: models with Touch Bar date from last year, while models without Touch Bar date back to 2017. We have already had the opportunity to see that Apple's range of laptops has become too complex, and above all slightly incoherent. For example, the MacBook Air Retina, although less powerful, goes further than the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar with its Apple T2 chip and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. However, the MacBook Pro is supposed to be more high-end and should include these components. The MacBook Pro without Touch Bar also has two generations of delay processors, and it could be much more powerful. Models with Touch Bar are much more up to date, but interesting evolutions are still possible this year.

MacBook Pro

The current range is also highly criticized for the reliability of its keyboard. With the 2016 generation of MacBook Pro, Apple has introduced a new system called "butterfly mechanism". The keys are wider and thinner, but they cause problems for many users who report blocked keys, or conversely, they are taken into account twice. Apple has reviewed its keyboard architecture twice, in 2017 and 2018. Although the situation seems to have improved overall, problems persist and Apple has recently apologized for the quality of the 2018 MacBook Pro (and Air) keyboard, while the 2017 models, which are therefore still in the catalogue, are subject to a quality program. It is high time for Apple to start over.

What's new at WWDC?

Apple traditionally renews its MacBook Pro range once a year. After the June 2017 and July 2018 ranges, the 2019 range could logically be launched as early as WWDC 2019, which will be held at the very beginning of June. This is of course not a certainty, Apple sometimes tends to take a little time, but the launch pad would be ideal while Apple could take advantage of the event to finally unveil its new Mac Pro and its new professional screen. Everything will depend on the program of this new MacBook Pro range, and in particular on the choice Apple will make for the processors embedded in these future machines.

For a while, Apple was expected to wait for the availability of Intel's Ice Lake chips, which will be the first from the foundry to be engraved with a fineness of 10 nanometers. The advances of this architecture will be important, especially on the autonomy front, but the processors in question will not be available until the very end of 2019, and it is not certain that Intel's catalog will be sufficiently provided from the launch of Ice Lake so that Apple can review all its MacBook Pro models in the meantime. Such a choice could lead us to the beginning of 2020, and this option therefore seems unlikely given the situation of the MacBook Pro today.

MacBook Pro Design

It seems more likely that Apple will be satisfied with Coffee Lake Refresh chips for this year. Still engraved with a fineness of 14 nanometers, this new generation of Intel processors will allow you to go from six to eight cores on the most top-of-the-range models, which is a great upgrade. Not all the right chips for the MacBook Pro have yet been released by Intel, but the situation still has time to change by June.

What's new?

Three years after the arrival of the new design introduced by MacBook Pro 2016, it is possible that Apple will revise its copy to make us forget the fiasco of the first generations of butterfly keyboard. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose sources are generally good, we should indeed expect a redesign of the range and even the arrival of different screen sizes; the high-end model could thus go from 15.4" to a diagonal between 16" and 16.5". Thanks to the progress made on the margins around the screens, Apple could indeed offer more comfortable tiles without significantly increasing the size of the frames. Unfortunately, Ming-Chi Kuo didn't give more details on the upcoming range, apart from a possible upgrade from 8GB to 16GB of default RAM for entry-level models, and rumors about the next MacBook Pro range have been surprisingly few in recent months.

The whole question around this future range is whether Apple will take the opportunity to reduce the number of laptop models it offers in its catalogue. Could the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar simply disappear, replaced at the entry level by the MacBook Air? This is one hypothesis among others: some users hope that Apple will make the Touch Bar optional, in order to reduce costs...

In any case, there are many possibilities for further development in addition to the new processors. Apple could therefore use new displays, possibly with higher resolution - a 4K slab on large models would not be a problem. Apple should also modify its keyboard again to make it more reliable. As with every revision, Apple should also integrate more recent and powerful graphics cards. The default RAM could increase from 8GB to 16GB on entry-level models. We can finally hope to abandon the 128 GB storage capacity if the models without Touch Bar are kept in the catalogue.... Wi-Fi 6, with its higher speeds, should also be on board. Some surprises, for example with the arrival of an Apple T3 chip whose new features are unknown at the moment, are not to be ruled out.

Wait for the 2019 models?

The release of the 2019 MacBook Pro could be quite close, although a launch in June is not an absolute certainty. The purchase of a Mac laptop represents a significant budget, and unless you have an urgent need (following a breakdown for example), we advise you to wait a while before investing. As we have seen, the list of new features is still a little fuzzy, but there could be major changes with the appearance of a new design and new screens, not to mention the long-awaited new keyboard.

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