Sky Packages: How Sky Q and Sky Ticket work

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The Sky package overview tells you which content you can book with the pay TV channel and where the differences between Sky Q and Sky Ticket actually lie.

With Sky Q you get all channels and content as well as more ease of use. With Sky Ticket you benefit above all from very short contract terms. These are a brief summary of the advantages of the two Pay-TV channels. But how do the two packages differ in detail? And for whom is Sky Q suitable and who better to book a Sky Ticket?

Sky package overview: Live or on demand with Sky Q

Sky Q is the actual core offer of Sky, which is often also called Sky Core or simply Sky. It is comparable to linear television: There are fixed channels on fixed programme slots where series, films and sporting events are shown at fixed times. The basis is the Sky-Q receiver, with which you can receive the Sky programme as well as free TV via satellite or cable connection. If you use IPTV from Telekom or Vodafone, you don't need any additional hardware: you then also use the Telekom Media Receiver or the Vodafone GigaTV Box with all functions for Sky. If you have neither Smart TV nor Apple TV 4K with Sky-Q app, you can use the Sky Q Mini Box as a second receiver to provide your second TV with the Sky program - for example in the bedroom.

However, with Sky Q movies and series can be watched at any time - thanks to Sky On Demand. This feature is standard on Sky Q and allows you to access content at any time of the day or night. New films and series are usually premiered on one of the fixed Sky channels and are also available on demand shortly afterwards via Sky On Demand. The free TV program can also be easily recorded via the Sky-Q receiver and played back at any time. Up to 300 hours can be stored on the 1 TB hard disk.

In addition, all content - films, series and sporting events - can also be streamed with Sky Q. This feature is called Sky Go. Then Sky delivers the content not via the TV connection, but via the Internet. For example, you can receive Sky programs on your smartphone or tablet while on the move, but also at home on your computer. Via Sky Go you can watch both the fixed Sky transmitters, which broadcast a linear program, and the retrieval contents of Sky on Demand. Sky Go therefore offers all the advantages of Sky - just for on the go.

Movies & Co. stream with Sky Ticket

Sky Ticket, on the other hand, is a pure streaming service. Films, series and sports are not streamed to you via the TV connection, but exclusively via the Internet. You therefore need a device with an Internet connection and a corresponding bandwidth. In most cases, a DSL line with 16 MBit/s is sufficient to stream HD content.

You can receive the Sky program on your notebook or PC, smartphone or tablet, for example. You can watch Sky Ticket on your TV via Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the game consoles support the streaming service with a Sky app. Alternatively, you can bring Sky Ticket to the big screen via the Sky Ticket TV Stick, Google Chromecast or Apple TV. Some LG and Samsung TV models even support Sky Ticket natively, so you can stream directly to your TV without the need for an additional device when it's connected to the Internet.

Sky Packages Overview: Entertainment, Cinema, Sports

As a Sky Q user, you can choose from Sky Entertainment for series, Sky Cinema for movies, Sky Bundesliga for 1st and 2nd Bundesliga football matches and Sky Sport. With the latter you can watch the football matches of the Champions League as well as handball, tennis, Formula 1 and golf. You can combine the four packages freely with each other and book further packages later or cancel packages individually after the contract period has expired.

These packages are also available with Sky Ticket Entertainment, Sky Ticket Cinema and Sky Ticket Supersport in Sky's streaming offer. These tickets can also be freely combined, booked and cancelled. The Sky Ticket Supersport combines the contents of Sky Bundesliga and Sky Sport. So you only need one ticket to see all the sports events that Sky shows. Here, the pay-TV provider does not divide the event into Bundesliga and other sporting events.

Although you also receive some live channels via streaming with Sky Ticket, you are watching Sky's linear program. However, not all stations are available to you. The large selection is reserved for Sky-Q customers (see list below). Sky Ticket is aimed primarily at users who want to select and view specific content such as films or episodes of a series. The classic TV feeling with zapping and "let's see what's going on" is more likely to come with Sky Q and the receiver.

Sky packages: Overview of further functions

Another important difference between Sky Q and Sky Ticket concerns the transmission quality: While you can even view some selected content in UHD quality via Sky Q, a maximum of HD images are available via Sky Ticket. Depending on the bandwidth, Sky Ticket scales the quality down to standard resolution (SD) so that the stream does not come to a standstill. With Sky Q, you receive all high-resolution content reliably in HD or UHD. However: If you want to watch Sky Cinema, Sport and/or Bundesliga in HD/UHD, it costs 10 Euro extra per month. In the Sky Entertainment package, the HD option is already included in the price.

In addition, Sky-Q customers can watch the program on up to four devices at the same time. While you watch football in your living room, for example, your roommate streams a series via Sky Go on your notebook. This is not possible with Sky Ticket: there is only one stream at a time.

With Sky Ticket, you also have to do without the possibility of recording series or films or watching sports events at different times. This function is only available with the Sky-Q receiver (or the IPTV provider's devices), which comes with a 1 terabyte hard drive and is not available for Sky Ticket.

Book Sky Entertainment Plus with Netflix

Sky has been offering the entertainment package including a Netflix subscription for some time now. This way you will not only see the series from the Sky range, but also access the complete streaming offer from Netflix. You can manage both subscriptions via your Sky account, and access the content easily via the Sky-Q receiver. Entertainment Plus calls this package Sky.

Sky packages: Overview of transit times and prices

Sky Q has a minimum contract duration of twelve full calendar months. The month of booking is added pro rata. The notice period is two months before the end of the contract period. The subscription will be extended by a further twelve months without notice. If you extend the Sky package booked with another package, the validity period does not start anew as a rule or the newly booked package takes over the validity period of the existing package. Exceptions to this rule are special expansion offers in which Sky, for example, grants two free months. This advantage is only granted for a period of at least twelve months. Pay close attention to the conditions when extending your Sky-Q subscription.

Sky Ticket is much more flexible as the minimum contract duration is only one month. You can cancel your Sky Tickets on a monthly basis, with each ticket standing alone. For example, if you already use a Sky Ticket Entertainment and book a Sky Ticket Cinema, the new ticket will run for one month, while the remaining term of the existing ticket remains unchanged.

Sky packages: How much do Sky Q and Sky Ticketcost?

New customers almost never pay the regular package price at the beginning. It is almost the rule that Sky offers the first twelve months of Sky Q or the first month of a Sky Ticket at a much lower price for new customers. Here you will find an overview of the current Sky offers and Sky Ticket offers. If the subscription is extended after the minimum contract period has expired, the standard prices will usually apply again.

Sky Q: Standard and current new customer prices

Sky Entertainment: 24,99 Euro (12,99 Euro for new customers)

+ Netflix: 32,99 Euro (19,99 Euro for new customers)

+ Cinema: 39,99 Euro (19,99 Euro for new customers)

+ Cinema & Netflix: 47,99 Euro (24,99 Euro for new customers)

+ Sports: 34,99 Euro (17,49 Euro for new customers)

+ Bundesliga: 44.99 Euro (22.49 Euro for new customers)

+ Cinema & Sport: 49,99 Euro (24,99 Euro for new customers)

+ Cinema & Bundesliga: 59.99 Euro (29.99 Euro for new customers)

+ Cinema & Sport & Bundesliga: 69.99 Euro (34.99 Euro for new customers)

Sky Cinema: 34,99 Euro (17,49 Euro for new customers)

+ Sports: 44,99 Euro (22,49 Euro for new customers)

+ Bundesliga: 54.99 Euro (27.49 Euro for new customers)

+ Sport & Bundesliga: 64.99 Euro (32.49 Euro for new customers)

Sky Sport: 29.99 Euro (14.99 Euro for new customers)

+ Bundesliga: 49,99 Euro (24,99 Euro for new customers)

Sky Bundesliga: 39.99 Euro (19.99 Euro for new customers)

HD/UHD options cost 10 Euro extra/month (included with Sky Entertainment) plus logistics flat rate once only 12,90 Euro

Activation fee over 59 Euro not applicable for online orders

Sky-Q-Receiver worth 149 Euro free of charge during contract period

Sky offers in June 2019: The complete overview

Sky Ticket: Standard and current new customer prices

Sky Ticket Entertainment: 9,99 Euro (1 month for 4,99 Euro or 2 months for 14,99 Euro for new customers)

Sky Ticket Cinema: 9,99 Euro (1 month for 4,99 Euro for new customers)

Sky Ticket Supersport: 29,99 Euro (1 month for 9,99 Euro for new customers)

Sky Ticket Supersport day ticket: 9,99 Euro for 1 day

Sky-Ticket offers: Streaming deals in June 2019

Conclusion: Who needs which Sky package?

If you are looking for a comfortable TV experience, HD and UHD quality and want to choose from as wide a range of programmes as possible, you'll find Sky Q. This allows all content to be viewed on up to four devices simultaneously and also via streaming on the move. In addition, the entertainment package including Netflix is available at an unbeatable price.

Sky Ticket offers the big advantage of a short contract period: You can cancel monthly. However, the Sky programme only reaches you via stream and not via the normal TV connection. In addition, not all live channels are available. But all important series and films are available on demand, all live sports events are streamed to Sky Ticket. If you don't want to commit yourself for long or want to test Sky's offer first, a Sky Ticket is a good idea.

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