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Snore Circle smart anti-Snoring muscle stimulator vs Snore Circle anti-snoring eye mask: what are they differences?

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-15 6755

Snore Circle the fifth generation - smart anti-snoring muscle stimulator - was released in April. As its name itself suggests, the new device is meant as some differences to the forth, the Snore circle anti-snoring eye mask. The fifth’s appearance is no longer a eye mask but like a little round grain. And the APP function also upgrade.

Snore Circle smart anti-Snoring muscle stimulator  


Product name

Snore Circle smart anti-snoring muscle stimulator

Snoring Circle anti-snoring eye mask






220 x 8 x 24mm

38 x 22 x 13mm

Cover material

ABS/PC + Acrylic + Sponge

ABS + Textile




Comfort level



Anti-snoring levels

(physical pulsation)



APP function

Snore data analysis

Sleep data analysis

Snoring recording

Snore data analysis

Sleep data analysis

Snoring recording






Same working principel, different intervertion


Snore Circle smart anti-Snoring muscle stimulator  

In order to monitor the snoring, Snore Circle uses this advanced sniffer eyewear technology. Therefore, compared with the ordinary eye mask, it has a "monitoring sensor".

When worn, the bone conduction sensing area should be tightly attached to the forehead. Through the principle of bone conduction, it is possible to accurately recognize various degrees of snoring emitted by the human body.

When the eye mask detects that the user is snoring, the sensor emits a slight vibration for physical intervention.


Snore Circle smart anti-Snoring muscle stimulator  

But the fifth generation use the same technology, but it interven snorting by stimulating the muscle of thort.



This will stimulate some of the neurons in the brain, allowing your throat muscles to move and return your breathing. It’s the equivalent of someone tapping it to stop you from snoring.

In addition, considering that different users have different levels of snoring, this snoring eye mask subdivides 36 vibration stimulating gears.

According to the user's snoring at the time, the feedback is automatically adjusted, and the intervention is very detailed, suitable for all people.

Snoring circle APP, recording data such as the number of times of snoring and the length of snoring. It also scores your sleep quality every night, allowing you to track the effects at any time.

Appearance and design - the big change

For some people not used to use the eye mask, so Snore circle change the appearance of the fifth generation. It is a mini round grain, shaped like a large pea, weighing only 10g. When you wear it, you will fell nothing on your jaw. Just put it on the chin before going to bed. There is no discomfort in the whole process, and you will even forget its existence.

Snore Circle smart anti-Snoring muscle stimulator  

The anti-snoring smart eye mask is like ordinary mask. The eye mask is made of nylon lycra and 4 layers of breathable high-density sponge. It is opaque and has no odor on the skin. It is super good to wear on the eyes.

New features - Meditation sleep audio function

Snoring circle has two core technologies - smart snoring recognition system and bone conduction snoring technology.

It can accurately predict the frequency of snoring and the size of the sound, then emit ultra-sonic waves and very small vibrations, keep your throat muscles tightened, and let the body automatically adjust during sleep to maintain normal breathing.

In addition these two core technologies, Snore Circle smart anti-snoring muscle stimulator has meditation sleep audio function. There are 6 kinds of sleep-beating environment sounds such as streams, insects and rainwater in the app to help you fall asleep quickly. That help the insomniacs to improve the sleep quality.

 Meditation sleep audio function


So, there you have it. There are quite a few upgrades we can praise the new Snore circle smart anti-snoring muscle stimulator for. It has a smaller design and take more easily. it's even has a meditation sleep audio function — and, thus, gets points for convenience as well.

With that, both devices are perfectly suitable for daily use. Thanks to the high safety standards and portability, the devices are perfect for snorer and insomniac who troubled by sleep problems.

Should you choose the Snore Circle smart anti-snoring muscle stimulator or the Snore Circle smart anti-snoring eye mask? Well, we believe that the Snore Circle smart anti-snoring muscle stimulator's light weight and new function are very worthy upgrades and definitely make for a sleeper have a good sleep. However, if the eye mask would not make a big impact on your daily sleep habit, the Snore Circle smart anti-snoring eye mask remains a very strong contender.

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