SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Key Finder review: find missing items in seconds

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You may get crazy when looking for your misplaced items, rummaging through your house, and missing many key monments. Well, let's recommend you a practical helper: SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Key Finder.

According to statistics, the average American spends at least 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced things. What's more, collectively US households spend a staggering $2.7 billion replacing lost items. Luckily, the techonology has responded to this common problem with a new gadget, a smart Bluetooth tracker.

The smart Bluetooth tracker can locate far more than keys: smartphones, wallets, purses, watches — you name it. In this post, we take a closer look at one of our bestselling Bluetooth trackers – SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder and see what it can do and how well it can do.

SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder: design

As one would expect, a Bluetooth tracker is a small and highly portable item. The SwiftFinder ST02 features an ultra-thin design: it measures just 5.2mm, which is just equal to the thickness of 3 cent coins. The tracker will easily attach to any items without creating extra bulk or adding burden.

the thickness of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

The smart key finder is also very subtle and won't draw any attention to itself. It is a square shaped piece of plastic with a sling hole in the top right corner and a Bluetooth button in the bottom left corner. You can get the tracker in two classic colors: black and white.

the sling hole and Bluetooth button on SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder: functionality

Though miniature in size and simple in use, the smart Bluetooth tracker promises to be a very powerful device by saving much time you would typically spend looking for lost items. And there's actually quite a bit more to the tiny gadget than finding what has already been lost. Let's take a look at some of the smart tracker's key functionality.

Say, you have attached the Bluetooth key finder to the most obvious item — your keys. Then let's see what it will do?

the multifunction of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder 

● Find your key: equipped with a strong GPS tracker, the smart key finder will help you instantly locate the missing keys by sending their precise location to your phone. No more messing up your living room in search of your keys (which are probably quietly lying on the windowsill).

the strong GPS and precise location of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

● Don't let the keys get lost in the first place: looking for things is always stressful, no matter how many helpful gadgets you involve in the search. The thing I personally appreciate the most about the Bluetooth tracker is that it comes with a sound alarm that will go off when you leave the said key or other items behind.

the sound alarm of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

● Avoid losing your smartphone: since we started using smartphones, they have immediately risen to the the most frequently lost items. Even though the smart tracker uses your smartphone to send information about other items, it also keeps an eye on your phone itself. With just a press of a button on the tracker, your phone will make a sound, which will help you easily locate its whereabouts.

anti-lost function of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

It's not all about the keys — locate multiple items: the smart tracker's app lets you track multiple items easily. So, if you often spend time looking for stuff — consider getting several Bluetooth trackers and attaching them to all the items you often misplace. Then, you can manage them through the app.

The tracker will not let you down: thanks to the long standby time, the SwiftFinder ST02 can stay active for up to 15 months without a battery replacement.

the long standby time of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder: how to use it?

The smart tracker's functionality does sound nice. But in the end it all comes down to how much work will need to be put in.

My experience with "setting up" the smart tracker has been positive. The sling hole in the top right corner lets you conveniently attach the tracker to almost any items without much work — plus, you will not cause any damage to the item or leave any traces (like with trackers that stick or need to be glued on).

the portable design of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

Once the tracker is attached, download the dedicated app and launch it on your phone. Then press the Bluetooth button in the bottom left corner of the tracker to pair it with your phone. From now on, you can track the said item with your phone through the app's interface.

the easy installation of SwiftFinder ST02 Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

Bottom Line

All in all — and as someone who loses things on a daily basis — I immediately regard this miniature GPS tracker as a must-have. Coming at a super cost effective price - $11.08 , the SwiftFinder ST02 is really an inexpensive purchase worthy of buying. Just buy some from Gearbest and say goodby to the annoyance of missing items.   


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