Tesla Touch 150W TC Mod

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The Touch Brand New Era. Touch 150W TC box mod is the first touch device of Teslacigs/Tesla, featuring compact size, large 2.4" IPS screen, multi-functions, excellent performances, and easy operation.

Video: The box mod wattage is 80W and the atomizer resistance is 0.15ohm.

It is powered by dual 18650 batteries whose maximum output reaches 12 volts! Touch 150W TC is much like a phone no matter in appearance or in operation interface, it is much easier to use for new and veteran vapers.

The large-screen phone has become common since the iPhone series came out, changing the history of entire mobile phone design. Nowadays, touch screen design mod is not a new topic, but the real product to the market is hard to find.

Recently, Teslacigs has launched Touch 150W, a TC mod powered by dual batteries whose maximum output reaches 12 volts! Its 2.4" IPS Screen of a 240 x 320 resolution will make sure for responsive operation and accurate display, no doubt it is firmware upgradable!


Non-traditional package

The package has changed from the traditional family one of the past, using the cardboard box, more electronic. Or you can say that is just like a new smartphone packing.

The left side of the box is printed with some unique features of this box mod, while the front is adopting UV hot oil process to decorate the surface with its Logo.

There is main information in the lower right corner "2.4 inches IPS Display Touch 150W TC" and also detailed the supporting resistance wire "Kanthal / Ni200 / Ti / SS316 / TCR".

Open the box, the inside packing is very simple, a box mod, a multi-language user manual, a USB cable, an extra high-definition scratch film and the thoughtful cleaning cloth. The original protective film is still not removed, so you may see a few bubbles on there, but it has nothing to do with screen defects. Do you conjure up something? This accessory definitely reminds me of a smart phone.

Main specifications:

Dimension: 94 x 56 x 25.5mm (3.7 x 2.2 x 1 inches)
Weight: 212g (7.48oz)
Material: zinc alloy

Battery: two high drain 18650 cells (not included)
Electrode: silver plated brass

Thread: 510 thread
Output mode: Ti / Ni200 / SS / TCR / VW mode

Output wattage: 7 - 150W (in 1.0 increments)
Max output voltage: 12V

Max output current: 40A
Input voltage: 6.4 - 8.4V

Input current: 30A
Temperature range: 200 - 600F

Support language: English and Chinese
Resistance range: 0.1 - 3.0ohm for VW mode, 0.05 - 1.0ohm for Ti / Ni200 / SS / TCR mode

USB function: for firmware upgrading and wallpaper updating, not for charging
Color: black / red / blue

Premium Baked Finish, 2.4" Super IPS Touch Screen

Touch 150W does not adopt the regular square shape, using arc design on the two corners to avoid the routine edge line. With premium baked finish design, it is more practical and has a textured feel when you hold it in your hand.

2.4-inches large touch screen has a standard resolution, 240 x 320 pixels. The state of art UI makes easy to adjust wattage or temperature values, and it will stop running automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Compared with the simple front screen, the back line design is decent. "Teslacigs" logo extends up two small signs "TOUCH" and "150W TC" in the middle. It is just perfect, you can not find any bad part in the overall workmanship.

Do you have an OCD preventing finger marks on the screen? Tesla is thoughtful enough, supplying an extra high-definition surface protection film to protect the display and a cleaning cloth to clear the fingerprint. Ask for help from an expert to install it on and have a great result.

Fire Button Design

The fire button is very comfortable, using a thumb to fire will be more smooth than with others fingers (as the picture). But there will be a little embarrass for the left-hander, he may cover up the entire screen when he needs to adjust the setting. He has to change to the right hand or rotate the device of 360 degrees to set parameters. Or if you use the index finger to fire the the box can avoid this inconvenience.

Silver Plated Brass Electrode 510 Thread

As the previous model, it uses silver plated brass electrode 510 thread with anti-lock groove design. You can see that the pressure relief hole in the bottom and USB port are in the precision slot. Furthermore, the gap between back cover and host is small which can reveal its reliable workmanship.

Special tip: This USB port is only for software upgrade (system firmware upgrade and wallpaper update, the mark "Not in Charging Only Upgrade" states it clearly. When the device connected to computer's USB port, the device will let you choose firmware upgrade or wallpaper update. Tesla will upload new firmware version or wallpaper on the website periodically, users can choose to upgrade or update. You can also visit the official video to learn about the operation steps: click here

Dual 18650 Batteries and Strong Magnetic Battery Cover

This device is powered by normal dual 18650 batteries and having strong magnetic back cover. Opening the back cover, you can see there are some deep scratches on its back, particularly rough in comparison with exquisite appearance.

You can see from the picture that there is no connection of battery compartment and pressure relief hole. So is it just for decoration or...? However, the internal electrode is spring brass plated silver one, with good stretchability.

The positive and negative electrodes are clear, even a newbie, you can set battery right. Easy to install, just need to align the electrode contacts and press them smoothly in the slot. In general, the overall handling of the battery compartment is fine.

Tip for newbies: The auxiliary ribbon should be in the below of the battery to avoid the difficulties of removing cells or damage the isolation surface of battery by tools.


Compatible Atomizer

For the users who attach importance to aesthetics, you must want to know the optimal mapping effect of a box mod. Here, we will test 2 different diameter atomizers: 24 mm (Captain 24 RTA / Antman 24) / 25mm (GeekVape Griffin 25 RTA)

Beside of the 22mm standard base diameter (not test), it can be perfectly compatible with 24mm ones. And thanks to the arc design of the body, no "exceed parts" will appear but a little discord. For the perfectionists, we suggest using 22mm or 24mm base diameter tank.

Easy Operation, Convenient to Use

Equipped with multi-language user manual (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russia, Italian) and English / Chinese language switchable set menu (Official claimed that others languages will be post packs on their website), it is very easy and convenient to operate. If you can use a touchscreen phone, that is just a piece of cake. All operations are click type except the unlock function (sliding).

5 continuous clicks of the fire button to power on / off, and then you can enter the setting interfaces. Click the set icon, you can enter into function settings. It provides powerful functionality, including lock vaping, resistance lock, material set, speed mode, memory, and TCR.


You can change the wallpaper as the video instruction: Setting Menu - Wallpaper - Choose your favorite one picture - Fire button (confirm). There are 4 pictures in the original set, but you can down others by the included USB cable.

Please choose the atomizer corresponding material: Kanthal / Ni200 / Ti / SS316, if you set a wrong coil material, the screen will prompt "Temp Protect" when pressing the fire button, the device will jump into VW mode and output wattage will change to 20W. With the new TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) function available on the device, you can customize it as you like.

Also, the 150W maximum output can meet the requirement of daily use, no matter you are taste or vapor chaser, or someone who prefers decent TCR adjusting experience. Tesla Touch 150W can satisfy you.

Multiple protections built into the chipset such as low voltage protection, atomizer short-circuit protection, reverse connection protection, material set wrong protection, over puffing protection, and upgrade protection. With these important features implemented into this product, users can feel safe every time they use this product.




>> 2.4" large IPS touch screen, easy for adjusting;

>> 150W maximum output can cope with almost all the daily needs;

>> Support VW / TC (Ti / Ni200 / SS316 / TCR) modes, meet all daily use;

>> Perfectly compatible with both 22mm and 24mm base diameter atomizers;

>> Firmware upgradeable and wallpaper updateable;

>> Multi-protections can ensure the safety;

>> Easy operation, as simple as using a phone;

>> Using silver plated brass electrode 510 thread with anti-lock groove;

>> Included screen protective film will be much better protecting against scratches;


>> Deep scratches on the inside surface of back cover, can be more smooth;

>> USB cable is not for charging, need to buy an extra balance charger;

>> The pressure relief holes in the bottom do not have practical functions;


Experiencing with GeekVape Griffin 25 RTA and Tesla Antman 24mm RDA (both are videos for reference, just click the blue words)